Saturday, April 3, 2010


Go HERE to win a free baby high chair from Mutsy! If you win you can have you choice of a MutsyEasygrow or Easygrow "Next" baby high chair.

Word is that this baby chair is stylish enough to liven up your home's decor as well as to provide a safe and comfortable spot where your little one can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner! The beauty is that it has a both an adjustable foot rest and seat that will grow with your child. The chair comes with a bumper bar, a tray and a flexible seat reducer and a 5-point safety harness.

A feature that hard-working moms with aching backs can appreciate is that the baby high chair tilts in such a way that allows the tray to fold down and out of the wy so that babies are easier to get in and out of the seat.

The deadline to enter the contest for a chance to win a free baby high chair is April 30, 2010 at 11:59 pm (EDT). You can get all the details regarding the giveaway on Mutsy's Facebook page where the rules as well as the entry form are located. This is a very nice contest with a prize that is certainly worth winning so if you don't already have a Facebook account, this is a great reason to get one!


Visit ALEXA'S TREASURE to enter the free baby photo contest where every entry is a winner! Frankly, I like that everyone who enters a baby picture wins a prize not just because I like to win stuff (which I do) but because every child is a trophy winner in their own precious way!

As I said, everyone is a winner in this free baby picture contest but THREE Grand Winners will each receive $50.00 in cash. There are three categories for the $50 prizes as follows:
  • Overall Grand Supreme Preschooler, Big Kid and Baby Category
  • The Mini Grand Supreme Preschooler, Big Kid and Baby
  • Queen/King Preschooler, Big Kid & Baby

The deadline for this contest is always the last day of the month and you can enter over and over again. And as an added bonus, you get to see all of the pictures that are entered in this month's free baby photo contest when you visit the site. Believe me, you will want to do that because the children's pictures are all just too cute and here's a tip, so far there are not that many entries in the contest which means there's a very good chance that your baby's pictures might just win a prize!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Read more here on how to get a free coupon booklet for buying at least $35 worth of Huggies Diapers, Huggies Baby Wipes, PULL-UPS Training pants and other stuff that moms buy all the time with no reward or prize at the end of the shopping trip. From now until the deadline of April 30. 2010 you can get a FREE $10 Publix Gift Card delivered to your home by mail so long as you buy at least $35 worth of select Kimberly-Clark products including the ones we need for our babies as well as other participating brands including

COTTONELLE® Toilet Paper, GoodNites® Products, POISE® Products, KOTEX® Products, VIVA® Towels, KLEENEX® Facial Tissues, SCOTT® Towels and DEPENDS® Underwear.

The free coupon booklet has $17 in savings and shop inside Publix and save even more, while supplies last, of course.

A free coupon booklet just for buying baby diapers sounds like a pretty cool deal to me! Actually, it's like getting $17 in free baby diapers, baby food and household products only you get to pick what you actually want to buy! So, I'm going to read more details and learn if there are restrictions and how to get my Publix gift card, aren't you?


Go to SWEEPS FOR BLOGGERS to enter a giveaway to win free Anne Geddes Baby Board Books and a precious Anne Geddes Baby Bunny doll. Anne Geddes is one of my favorite photographers because her camera captures all that is sweet and peaceful with a healthy dose of plain old CUTE with her camera.

She has developed a fine line of products that has the same characteristics as her photography including the cute little collectible and baby books that are offered as a prize if you are lucky enough to win this giveaway! This sweet little sleeping bunny like all of her work is very life like and will warm your heart!

The deadline to enter to win the plush baby bunny and the free Anne Geddes baby board books is 4/19/10 April 19, 2010 and all you have to do is visit Anne Geddes Baby Gift Shop and leave a comment on which items you adore. If you are like me that could be a VERY LONG LIST but just one or two items will get your first entry into the contest and then you can get more entries by taking various and sundry other actions to let the sponsor know how much you appreciate this free baby contest!


Go to LU BIRD BABY blog for a chance to win three (3) free baby doll patterns. The patterns look easy enough make even for a beginner in sewing such as myself. I'm a novice new to the craft although, I have to brag a little and say that I did manage to sew a cloth, bunny doll with floppy ears awhile back that does look like a pretty rabbit if I do say so myself.

What caught my attention in the patterns designed by Bit of Whimsy Dolls were the cute baby girl dollies that have embroidered eyeglasses on their faces. The reason that I find this very appealing is that my oldest daughter has had to wear glasses (and mommy has had her work cut out for her finding them most mornings) since she was just a toddler.

For anybody that wants to get a jump on sewing bunny dolls for next Easter, there are free baby doll patterns in this Etsy store for cute ones that you might want to take a gander at. Plus, there are kitty cats, gnomes and a few others that look like the perfect lovey for a baby boy or girl.

This contest has a prize that you can use over and over to impress your friends and family with homemade baby gifts that you can personalize with a child's hair and eye color or with fabric that looks cool with their room's color scheme.

Head over to this Etsy store and take a look. I believe that you will want to add this contest prize to your stash of

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I found a chance to win free nursery artwork today while reading an article by Redneck Witch. To enter go to the NETWORKING WITCHES blog and first enjoy her very nice article and then scoot over to DRAWN TO LETTERS Etsy store and see what the artist has to say about how art and letters make good memories!

I don't know about you but I would adore to frame some of the notecards to hang on the walls in my baby's nursery. They are just too pretty to actually write on! I've seen quite a few nurseries with beautifully illustrated cards similar her to hers decorating the walls so her invitation to let her mix something lively and personal for me is very, very enticing.

I am definitely going to enter the giveaway to win free nursery artwork because first of all it's never too early to introduce our kids to letters and secondly the personalized alphabet letters that I saw in the Drawn to Letters store were darling!

And the free art giveaway that she is sponsoring on Networking Witches will give someone a chance to win two 8X10 personalized prints! One of my daughter's names starts with the letter "C". I love those carrots that she drew on that letter and I can totally use that print in my baby girl's room! The deadline to enter the contest is 04/16/10 April 16, 2010 but I'm going there to enter right now and that's no April Fool's joke, my friends!


Visit OH MY BABY GIFTS to compete with ME in the organic baby onesie giveaway. This baby contest prize is a cute, growl onesie that is a product from Soft baby clothing

If you've ever visited my Family Recipes, Babies and Parenting Issues Blog you know how we have suffered with skin sensitivity problems and can appreciate why I'm a huge believer in organic baby clothes!

This company produces stylish, green baby clothing made from certified organic cotton fabrics. The key word that caught my eye is the word "SOFT"! My babies have ultra sensitive skin, allergies and eczema so SOFT and CHEMICAL FREE is very important to me. Because of my child's health concerns, I'm very particular about the fiber content of her onesies as well as any other clothing that touches her poor, itchy skin.

I'm excited about trying this company's products because they guarantee that they are unbleached, chemical free and contain only safe low-impact dyes. FURTHERMORE... Soft Baby Clothes only uses manufacturers who produce their products using low-impact environmental techniques and use Fair Trade practices. I can totally get behind that business model and friends I want to tell you that SO SHOULD YOU!

I'm going to enter this organic baby onesie giveaway and if I'm lucky enough to win I promise to post a picture of my sweet baby wearing it! Now, run along and enter and I hope that you enjoy your visit to the Soft Baby Clothes website as much as I did!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Design a Glow is giving away free diaper bags! Ok, they call it a purse giveaway but when a handbag is that darn cute who wants to use it for one purpose and one purpose alone? If you don't think I would look totally hot toting my baby's stuff in the red LOLA bag or the turquoise blue and lime green BELLE bag you just better think again!

Word was traveling about the blogosphere that Epiphanie Bags has some knock dead gorgeous new camera bags and that rumor sent me right on over to their website and this is one tidbit from the internet's fashion rumor mill that was right on the money, honey! They are totally fantastic and even better I found the free purse giveaway contest and they even let you choose your favorite style!

And if that giveaway is not enough to send your heart thumping, three contest runners-up will each win a prize of a $100 shopping spree in Design Aglow’s shop.

Ladies, get out of my way because I'm off to tweet about the free purse and shopping giveaway or I like to think of it as a chance to win free diaper bags and I'm wondering what kind of FREE BABY STUFF or free stuff for mom that I could buy should I win that shopping spree


Visit Dirty Diaper Laundry
for a chance to win the FREE BREASTFEEDING KIT GIVEAWAY! The prize in this giveaway is a breastfeeding gift pack which includes the Essential Lactation Supplements, Disposable Breast Pads (they are so cute and shaped like little flowers!), Manual Breastfeeding Companion, Lanolin-Free Nipple Cream and Breastmilk Storage Bags which are a must for working moms or mommies on the go!

To enter, it's required that your visits the sponsor's website at Simplisse Breastfeeding Products and leave a comment on the contest's blog post indicating other places where moms can buy Simplisse products or leave the name of another item that they make.

The blogging mom at Dirty Diaper Laundry offers lots of ways that moms can get extra
entries to the free breastfeeding kit giveaway and you can do any or all of the them so long as you leave a comment for each thing that you do to increase your chances to win the prize!

This kit is so cool, but I don't need it because I'm not breastfeeding at the moment. However, I'm entering to win the free breastfeeding stuff for a friend who is just about to deliver!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Every mom I know will want to enter the FREE ROBEEZ BABY SHOES GIVEAWAY for a chance to win the prize of 3 pairs of Robeez that are presented in the Robeez Spring Stepz Sweepstakes each week through April 17, 2010. If you enter the contest you will be automatically be entered and eligible to win the Grand Prize which is (are you sitting down?) a cool, dozen pairs of Robeez shoes!

Robeez booties and baby shoes are just the coolest and I look forward to the new patterns they come up with every season because they are so cute and fun! I use them as the centerpiece for lots of my baby shower gift baskets (for which I'm famous in my own little corner of the world). If I know the baby's nursery theme I pick a pair of Robeez and other gifts to reflect it. If there is no theme in place, I shoot for a color or something else to personalize the gift!

This means that I watch for Robeez discount coupon codes and free Robeez baby shoes giveaways like a hawk, sister! Which brings me to mention that Robeez Busy Cars shoes in Ocean Blue are on sale for $19.99 which is over 30% off regular price. Standard shipping for one pair is $6.95 but if you buy two or more pairs you can take advantage of free shipping!

Oh yeah, and if you're buying two pairs of Robeez baby shoes in order to get free shipping, you will be interested in the the discount offer of 20% Off your entire purchase of $50 or more at the official Robeez website using the Robeez coupon code SPRING20

The free Robeez baby shoes giveaway is not only a great way to keep your baby's little feet warm and toasty but if you win, you can save a lot of cash on baby shower gifts! GO HERE to enter and get more details like the deadline to enter, etc.

Free Thomas the Train Download

Get your free Thomas the Train download that will help you keep up with just how many times and how often your kids brush their teeth! If you have a little boy (or girl) in your house that doesn't get that excited about brushing but loves Thomas and Friends, Orajel may have just presented a way to encourage your little one to use that toothbrush with gusto and enthusiasm!

I have a friend whose husband is such a big fan of these toys that they have a Thomas the Train nursery theme and dress their baby in clothes covered in trains and locomotives. The baby's 1st birthday party is coming up and I'm going to include this free Thomas the Train download along with some coloring pages in the gift basket that I'm putting together! There are so many things that can be done with free downloads and now we can add tooth decay prevention to the list! Go here to get yours!

Free Baby Onesie

Visit Double Duty Mommy
for a chance to win the free baby onesie giveaway! This mommy blogger fell in love with an Etsy store called BullyDesignCo and wants to share her finds.

You should visit her blog to read the review which will make you very determined (as am I) to enter the contest to win one of the funny baby onesies, the tuxedo onesie or the precious one (that I personally adore) with a spray of flowers across the front.
(PS:: PLEASE be sure to include your email in EVERY entry!! I need to contact you if you win! Also, I check every entry and will delete anything that turns up untrue, so be honest about your entries.)
Mandatory first entry: Follow me on Google Friend Connect AND Leave a comment telling me which shirt from BullyDesignCo is your favorite!

You can pick up some extra entries with the usual Tweeting and blogging and subscribing to her RSS feed. The Free Baby Onesie Giveaway will close April 6, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST and will be used to choose the winners who will then be given 48 hours to respond to the winner's notification email before a new winner is chosen.

Nothing is as nice as free baby clothes and who can't use a free baby onesie... or two or three?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Baby Pictures Contest

Competico is hosting a free baby pictures contest. The company has had baby photo contests before but my understanding is that they have previous charged an entry fee of $4 per contestant.

But today all you have to do is sign in to get your FREE first entry. All you have to do is go to the website and claim your free entry then upload the sweetest picture of your baby that you have and get a chance to win a chunk of the $222 in CASH prizes!

Even if you don't enter the free baby pictures contest, you should go to the website and take a look at the recent contest winners. The pictures of those little darlings will make your day! And if you have any baby nursery pictures you might want to start thinking about entering them in this baby nursery picture contest but you have plenty of time because the deadline for this contest is the last day of this year and we'll probably come up with another Free Baby Pictures contest or two for you to enter between now and then.


Love by CC is hosting a free baby hat giveaway to entice us to help her with a little problem she's having coming up with a name for her new Etsy store.

She wants to market her hats for adults but wants to do so in such a way that they aren't mixed in with her precious baby hats and stuff so that shoppers will easily find homemade pretties for all ages. Getting back to the reason she's giving away a free baby pom-pom hat; she can't come up with a name for her new store and needs OUR help!

CC wants US to drop by her blog and leave a suggestion for names that she might want to consider for her new shop! She says that she would prefer names that are similar to her baby store, LoveByCC, so that people will make the connection and know it is her but keep it separate.

I love her baby hat patterns and would surely love to win the free baby hat giveaway but for the life of me, when I tried to think of a name for her new store that is catchy and cute enough to win this giveaway my mind went totally blank. So, I will not be a competitor in this free baby hat giveaway unless I have a sudden and profound brain surge that makes me think that I can win!


Momma's Review is giving us a shot to win some free potty training stuff! I tried to win the Baby Bjorn Active baby carrier giveaway awhile back with no luck but I bought my own and LOVE it. So I'm very excited about trying out Baby Bjorn’s potty seat!

Momma's review of the Baby Bjorn potty seat indicated that it was so darn cute and compelling that it had practically every kid in the house pulling down their diapers and getting ready to go before she had the box unpacked! I ask you, who doesn't want free potty training stuff that is that helpful?

The reviewer says this potty seat is a good product for toddlers who are just starting out and that is right in line with what I have going on!
She also mentioned that the free Baby Bjorn potty seat that she reviewed works well for small bathrooms in small apartments and that removing the bowl is easy after a successful potty training moment. This characteristic alone is worth its weight in gold so I'm off to do whatever it takes to win this baby giveaway contest as well as any other free potty training stuff I can find to make this job easier.

The baby giveaway deadline is April 12, 2010 at 12:00PM EST so get yourself in gear before you get so busy dyeing eggs for Easter that you forget!


I just found a Huggies Diaper coupon giveaway on this blog that is going to save you a ton of ink. This blogger is giving away a ton of free Huggies printable coupons! My daughters all have very sensitive skin and generally wear cloth diapers so I have my teeny number of disposables I keep on hand for emergencies already but that doesn't mean that the rest of you won't enjoy those printed coupons as a contest prize!

Even though I'm a fan of cloth diapers, I'm going to enter just in case I need some to tuck inside a gift basket for a baby shower I have coming up very soon. Hopefully, the expiration date Huggies diaper coupons will be good until then.

There will be two winners chosen in the Huggies Diaper Coupon Giveaway that will divide all the Huggies Printable Diapers Coupons which should be around half a dozen each!

YOU NEED TO HURRY BECAUSE THE CONTEST DEADLINE IS MARCH 29, 2010 AT 8pm (CT)! the great thing is that you can submit as many entries as you would like by leaving comments stating some of the best "baby tips" you can share.

So, go forth and share your tips on newborn baby care and get a chance to win some FREE BABY STUFF while you're bragging about what smart mommy you are!

I will choose the winner tonight at 8pm (CT)! So go and enter as many times as you would like in the comment section! The more comments you leave, the better the chance you have of winning! If you don't know what to about you tell us some of your best "baby tips" you have learned.