Saturday, June 5, 2010


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Enter to win the Free Eco Friendly Thirsties Duo Diapers review and giveaway just in time to fight the warm weather threat of diaper rash! Thirsty diaper reviews are very positive overall and what I see that's very impressive about the DUO is that this cloth diaper is designed so that the sleeve permits the insert to be removed for it to go through the wash!

Another feature is highly touted in the reviews and has me dying to try this diaper is the gusset action! The gussets help to prevent those pesky leaks which IMHO makes them an excellent candidate for babies overnight diaper. You get two inserts with the diaper, a microbfiber insert and a hemp insert (Anything hemp speaks to moms into eco-friendly parenting) that snap together at the ends and the absorbency is reported by the blogger who is hosting the Thirsties Duo Baby Diapers Review and Giveaway to be nothing short of amazing. She says that it's possible to just use the two inserts for overnight with no leaks!

Having been led down the primrose path with promises from companies each desperate to convince mommies that their diaper was more special than any other I confess to being skeptical at first but I trust this blogger's opinion of Thirsties Duo Diapers and she says that this really works!

PLUS, not only do the Thirsties Duo Diapers come in two but you can actually get 6 different sizes out of these diapers, because they grow with your baby! That means you get a lot of use out of the diapers before they have to be sold as used or recycled to a friend with a new baby. It's always good to take advantage of giveaways offering free baby diapers to see if they fit your child well and if they measure up to your expectations before actually ordering a full supply!

The deadline to enter this blog giveaway is Saturday, June 19 at 11:59 pm EST so hurry and visit GROWING GREEN BUMS to enter.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Just in time to spare mommy's last nerve, go to Saving Addiction to enter to win the FREE FAMILY VACATION GIVEAWAY! You can win free museum passes and a free one (1) night hotel room stay at Double Tree Hotel. The second place prize is 4 passes to the Creation Museum which may be one of the best family vacation ideas EVER! What a great way to entertain the kids and help prevent the summer vacation boredom syndrome.

The Creation Museum is no rinky dink, one room display. It has 70,000 square feet of information and displays that brings the pages of the Bible to life for young children and will make adults feel closer to God as well. There are so many questions that you may have that the Creation Museum can help to answer. Parents that have taken their kids there have said that their children left the exhibits with purpose and renewed faith. And isn't that what parenting is all about? only have three hours to buzz over there to enter for a chance to win this free family vacation giveaway contest. This is the last chance as the last day to enter is June 1, 2010 at 5pm!

Monday, May 31, 2010


I came across this free fashion advice giveaway HERE when I was looking for tips on what to wear to a baby shower. This book looked like something that I want (read:NEED) to have on my bookshelf right by my closet door!

Am I the only lady that worries about committing the ultimate fashion faux pas? I can't afford an expensive wardrobe (unless I start winning more free stuff for moms in the contests that I enter!) that gives me lots of options when dressing for various occasions like bridal showers, christenings, the wedding receptions and what have you.

This book by Kim Johnson Gross is said to help ladies reconsider our closet identity and discover who we want to be. The author shares her personal journey and funny stories about dozens of women she interviewed across the country during the writing of the book.

She says she offers calming fashion advice about how to choose flattering clothes that will fit any woman’s shape and style and DEAR LORD don't I need to be soothed every time I look in the mirror and think, "PEAR SHAPE" here I come!

If you are as stressed out as I am every time you get an invitation in the mail, this free fashion advice giveaway contest may be tailored just for you! The Giveaway ends on June 5, 2010 at 8pm Pacific Time and maybe if you are lucky your prize will arrive before you need help choosing a dress for the neighborhood 4th of July party. I never know if I should wear shorts or dressy capris, do you?

For now, I'm going to be reading up on the latest clothing trends on the site that in my opinion sets the standard as far as a free fashion advice giveaway is concerned. And just in case you don't win a copy of the book in giveaway contest you should be able to find and buy a copy online with no problem as it was released early in May, 2010.


Go HERE to enter to win a "Barney
Songs From The Park" DVD Set. I'm always looking for downloads for Free Barney Songs and Videos to play for my girls because for some reason they love that big purple dinosaur. The free video that you are trying to win doesn't even release until June 15, 2010 (6/15/10) which is the day AFTER the last day to enter this blog contest (June 14, 2010 at 8pm Pacific Time).

I read a description of what the DVD is about and it said that it is about Barney's Park being a fun place to play! It gives kids a chance to create musical memories with 20 of their favorite songs and to join Barney, Baby Bop™ and BJ™ as they visit the pond, gazebo, playground and caboose that I presume are all located within the park. They say that the Barney Songs From The Park" DVD Set is something to sing about!

Who wouldn't be singing about winning free Barney Videos? Just in case you don't happen to win the DVD set in the giveaway contest, you can visit PBS to see if there are some Free Barney songs and videos there for your kids to enjoy.

Meanwhile, I'm off to search for more free baby stuff giveaway contests to share with you!

FREE $1,000 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Contest

You only have a few hours to enter to win the FREE $1,000 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Contest! Go here to read the rules, details and to see just how the deadline of the contest is upon us. I hate to make a post for a giveaway on the very last day to enter, but in this case the prize of a free Amazon gift card for that much credit makes it totally worth it!

The only drawback is that you do have to sign up to get promotional emails and updates, but I can push my delete button as quick as anybody when there's that much money on the line if I have to, can't you? Plus, the promotions might actually be interesting to fashion hungry moms who want to keep up with the latest styles...especially if they are on sale! I'm not sure what kind of emails they will be sending or how often but I AM sure that I want a chance to win the FREE $1,000 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Contest before it ends on 11:59:59 p.m. PST) on May 31, 2010 which is today!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Buzz on over to SAVVY SASSY MOMS
to enter the Britax Bee Stroller giveaway contest. Chances to win a free baby stroller don't roll around every day much less a chance to win a NEW BUGABOO BEE STROLLER!

The sassy black and yellow Bugaboo Bee, buzzed into the stores just this month, it's a compact, full featured stroller that offers has some really cool upgrades over its successful predecessors the Bugaboo Cameleon, the Gecko etc. The cute little Bee baby stroller is compact, and is said in reviews to be easy to maneuver, just like all the other Bugaboo strollers.

One neat feature that the Bee has a backrest that is height adjustable, a sun canopy to protect baby from the hot rays and and a re-engineered circular joint reverse system that creates an even easier way to lift and turn the seat so your child can ride front or rear facing. It's got a 5-point harness that adjusts to four different height positions and the Bugaboo Bee is the first stroller ever to offer this feature! And you know you want to try it and you can win it if you play your cards right and are lucky as all get out!

All you have to do is enter the Britax Bee Stroller giveaway by the contest deadline of May 30th at 11.59 pacific standard time and keep your fingers crossed that loves you as much as we all love free baby stuff!