Saturday, May 22, 2010


Listen up, my fellow (or sister?) baby wearers! Go to THE MODEST MOM BLOG to enter for a chance to win a free BABY NEST WRAP! If you want to know how winning this wrap will simplify your life, keep reading!

Managing several baby girls in diapers can be a challenge. It seems that they are never asleep at the same time where I can have both hands free to get my work done. Do I really need to tell you just how hard it is to fold clothes while carrying a less than happy baby?

That's why you need to win a free Baby Nest Wrap; so that when one baby's napping the other can hitch a ride wrapped comfortably close to her mom's chest leaving Mommy's hands free to get a few things done!

If you are familiar with the Moby Wrap, you know that moms love them and according to the Baby Nest Wrap review that Modest Mommy posted, this wrap is like the Moby only better! The wrapping process can be hard to learn and intimidates a lot of new mothers and many give up before they can enjoy the benefits that wraps offer. The Baby Nest is said to have flattened the learning curve and made wrapping baby easier by using two shorter pieces of fabric for the wrap rather than one, gigantic long piece as well as other easy to use feature! What an excellent idea!

Take it from me that you haven't lived until you have experienced a comfortable baby wrap and by all indications this one is a winner! The last day to enter the giveaway contest is this comeing Tuesday, May 25th at midnight so hurry on over to enter to win a free Baby Nest wrap AND to read all the wonderful information that Modest Mommy has on her blog!


Visit HERE to read how you can get a free Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller plus $120 more in goodies for a total retail value of $350

If you have a friend who is expecting, do her a favor and give her a head start on getting rid of the baby weight! It's so hard for a new mother to stick to an exercise program, but maybe a FREE baby stroller will be just the incentive needed to get outdoors and get moving! The Cryo-Cell company is helping moms to be physically fit and to safeguard their health for the sake of their babies as well as themselves. And how cool is it that they can do this by spending time outside in the fresh air strolling with their babies rolling right along inside a sharp, new jogging stroller?

I think it would be awesome to show off my baby in my free Baby Jogger City mini stroller. That’s why I wanted to give you a heads up about the chance to get a FREE stroller from Cryo-Cell.

To get all the details please visit their site and read what you need to do to start strolling for free!

The last day to take advantage of this offer and get your free Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is May 31, 2010 so don't mess up and miss the deadline!


Visit This Mama Rocks for the Belle Baby Carrier and review. New parents will be interested in the comments that were made regarding the softness of the fabric inside the carrier.

If your baby has sensitive skin like mine, this characteristic is enough to get this soft and comfortable baby carrier a high rating in a review. And This Mama Rocks not only raves about the fabric, but says that she notice no pressure on her back which indicates that the Belle carrier might be a good choice for moms who suffer from back pain.

I know that I have no back pain but get very tired from wearing my babies at times and the comments on how easy this gear is on the back in the Belle baby carrier giveaway and review really caught my attention. The reviewer said that it was somewhat less than easy as pie to pop baby in and out of the carrier BUT that issue would probably be resolved with a little practice. Moms are great at adapting and learning to accomplish tasks with one hand!

Overall this was a rocking review and the giveaway contest just sweetens the deal and puts the frosting on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

I'm going to enter to win and I would be disapointed if you were not about to do the same! The last day to enter the giveaway contest is June 7, 2010 and there are lots of ways to get additional chances to win the prize. Don't drag your feet because I expect the competition in this free baby contest to be fierce!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


You can enter to win the free Lille Baby Carrier giveaway contest HERE!

Everybody's been talking about how the Lille Baby has four different ways you can wear it, so you don't have to buy one baby carrier after the other just to use different positions. This is one carrier that is reported to do it all from the breastfeeding mom's favorite, the front inward facing position all the way up to when the baby weighs a whopping 43 pounds.

This is about the time when mommy has to let daddy take a turn carrying baby. This is one more good reason to do your best to win the free Lille baby carrier giveaway...dads don't mind wearing baby in one of these carriers because of the gender neutral colors! Can you say, be still my beating heart..or thank you for saving my aching back?

The last day to enter to win the free baby carrier is June 9th, 2010 at 11:59pm so no lolly gagging please!


ENTER THE Baby Star Diaper Bag Giveaway at KATY DID AND KID for a chance to win a FREE Rock the Tote bag (diaper bag in my world)!

In my mind's eye, I can see myself (in my daydream my exercise program has paid off and I'm sporting a svelte body and new swimsuit but I digress...) carrying any number of patterns in the Rock the Tote line to carry my girls to the playground and to play for a while at the swimming pool or the beach.

The Baby Star bags come in many cute patterns plus this particular bag not only has room for my baby's diapers and wipes it has room for my laptop and if you've ever been here before, you know I'm not just a diaper bag junkie, I'm really into cool laptop bags, too! Baby Star has lots of cool stuff including nursery bedding, bassinets, burp cloth and bib sets and the list goes on and on. All in all, it's a cool place to look if you need a unique baby gift for a shower. Here's an idea...fill the bag that you win in the Baby Star Diaper Bag giveaway with samples of baby products and then GIVE IT TO ME!

What did you think I was going to say? Give it to your friend who's expecting? Well, that would be the nice thing to do but you see, I want this cool diaper bag really, really bad...

The last day to enter the Baby Star Diaper Bag Giveaway is Sunday May 30th, 2010 at 11:59pm EST and there are lots of actions to take to get extra entries that you will not want to miss!


I just found where you can pick up a free Bumgenius AIO diaper coupon over at the Cloth Diaper Report!

The coupon is good for (1) FREE bumGenius! All In One Diaper with a $10 purchase of any purchase of bumGenius!, Flip diapers and/or Econobum, or accessories!

All you have to do to get your FREE bumGenius! Deluxe All In One Diaper is to load the qualifying items in the above list to your cart. (Do not add the free diaper into your shopping cart you will see why in just a tick)

•On the checkout page, use the Coupon Code: FBGAIOMO and your free diaper will automatically appear.

•Be sure to enter your desired size and to list three (3) different desired color choices for your FREE diaper into the comments section at checkout found just above the final checkout button and you're all set!

WARNING: if you neglect to enter the size that you want for your diaper the three (3) color selections your omission will result in either cancellation of your order or the company will choose for you and you might not be as pleased with what you get as you would have been if you had done what you were asked to do!

Clearance items preowned (read: used diapers are excluded from the offer.

FREE BUMGENIUS AIO DIAPER COUPON LIMITS: There is a limit of one (1) coupon offer per order, per person and shipping address.

If you took advantage of this offer in April, you will not be eligible for a second purchase. This free diaper coupon can not be combined with any other discount offer and the offer runs only until May 31st, 2010 or while supplies last.

There are no coupons to clip to get your free baby diaper. Just follow the rules and guidelines on the page and don't forget to enter the COUPON CODE FBGAIOMO during checkout!


You should visit FASHION FLING to enter for a chance to win free baby shower invitations, birth announcements or bridal shower invitations or whatever you want to buy if you win the $75 gift certificate from the Bonnie Marcus Collection that is a prize in this very sophisticated giveaway contest.

If you are not familiar with Bonnie Marcus paper products, there is a lovely article about her and how she started her company. Plus, you will learn that she practices recycling and that her stationery is now printed on recycled paper that contains 30% of the cleanest, most high quality post consumer waste fibers. The Bonnie Marcus Collection supports good forest Stewardship but I won't bore you with details here when you can read what the article over at Fashion Fling's blog has to say about her...and believe me, you are going to be really, really impressed.

All you have to do to enter to win free baby shower invitations is visit the Bonnie Marcus' website and then leave a comment indicating what you would do with the $75 gift certificate should you win the contest.

The last day to enter to win $75 worth of FREE Bonnie Marcus baby shower invitations (or whatever you choose to buy) is June 1st, 2010 (6/1/10) and there are a lot of ways to get extra entries so you will want to get started right now!


Hallelujah! Vera Bradley free shipping is back, Baby! If you want free shipping on your Vera Bradley order you better get your butts in gear and start ordering because the free shipping is only good from now through May 23, 2010 on orders over $75.

I don't know about you but I can come up with more than $75 in Vera Bradley handbags, wallets and accessories with one hand tied behind my back! And that's with using all the Vera Bradley coupon codes and buying only closeout sale merchandise!

That's why I have to spend so much of my time online scouring the internet for free Vera Bradley stuff to win, free shipping codes and discount sales. If you hear of any Vera Bradley giveaway contests, would you please have pity on me and drop back by to let me know before the last day to enter?

If it's in the next few days, you will find me here doing the happy dance because Vera Bradley free shipping is back and I need a new pink fabric Vera Bradley diaper bag. And for that matter I would love to have a matching laptop bag and a beach bag...oh crud...I'm going to need to take advantage of the free shipping Vera Bradley is offering in a really bad way!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Visit JUST FOR ME AND YOU TOO for a chance to win a FREE Amy Michelle diaper bag. You will have to see the sleek, sophisticated baby bag that you can win. It's the Amy Michelle Madison Avenue in black and, Honey, it's gorgeous. When I went to the website I checked out the colors that were available and was delighted to see that the black bag is lined with lime green fabric. I'm all about lime green baby stuff this spring (and summer) and the black and lime green color combination is one of my favorites!

The Madison Avenue™ Bag is lightweight, durable AND so stylish that mommy and daddy might just fuss over who gets to carry it. It has a place for your cell phone and your wallet with a place for your baby's stuff in the center section. And if all that wasn't enough, there is a separate changing area in the back of the bag.

Amy Michelle states on the product page that they even have a monogramming service! If I win a free diaper bag from Amy Michelle, I'm going to see how much they will charge to personalize it for me! Moms who want personalized diaper bags are going to love that they can get their baby's name embroidered on it, aren't they?


I have been on the lookout for really good Vera Bradley coupon codes or a chance to win a Free Vera Bradley Diaper Bag in my favorite pattern for a LONG TIME with very little luck. BUT...I just saw a purse giveaway contest which is better than nothing at all. After all, who wouldn't love a free Vera Bradley purse but I tend to err on the side of caution and pack pretty much everything but the crib mobile when hauling my babies' stuff from place to place and this calls for a large tote or better yet a real diaper bag.

My Google alerts are set and ready to go should any Vera Bradley coupon codes, discount codes or last chance sales pop up and LO and behold what should I see when I checked my email this morning and found an announcement here HERE about a 70% sale on certain patterns rather than the Vera Bradley Coupon Codes that I've been searching for. I'm not sure whether the fabric patterns that are on sale are to be retired or discontinued but who cares because there are some really cool fabrics available for cheap! So cheap, in fact that I may be able to buy that baby bag rather than having to wait to win a free Vera Bradley diaper bag!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Here's the giveaway of the day for free baby stuff! Go HERE to enter the free baby diaper cake contest giveaway!

There's kind of a tricky limit on time for this giveaway, so pay close attention if you want the best chance to win a prize worth working for! You have to submit your online entry between 12:01 AM Eastern Time ("ET") on May 17, 2010 (05/17/10) and 11:59 PM (ET) on May 23 2010 and (05/23/10). So, that's not very long before the last day to enter the Moms and Babies Sweepstakes and the rules state that the drawing will be around June 2, 2010 and that if your entry wins the free baby diaper cake contest giveaway that you should get your prize around July 19th, 2010. All the information is in the official contest rules, but since the page is about a mile long I thought I would tell you the important stuff.

The sweepstakes prize is a Contemporary 4-Tier Diaper Cake with a value of $127. If you win you get to take your pick of whether you would prefer a baby diaper cake in pink or blue. They have some really cute styles like a Pooh cake that will look super with Winnie the Pooh baby stuff and a Welcome to the Jungle cake that would be cool in a jungle theme. I noticed that some of the cakes on the free baby diaper cake contest giveaway had stuffed teddy bears and puppy dogs decorating them so there's something for everybody so go forth and enter!


Boogy on over to ROCKIN MAMA'S BLOG to enter for a chance to win a free HP printer. We just bought a new laptop that I would love to have a printer for PLUS I need that free printer to print out all my baby pictures!

I have several hard drives full of family photos that I have never printed out because I believed that my old printer would smear, blur and basically waste ink printing out poor quality pictures. Digital cameras are the bomb, but when I made myself responsible for doing my own printing rather than running down to have our film developed I really should have bought a decent printer. Instead I now live in fear that something will happen to my computer and I will lose all those family memories that we could never get replace. But money's tight and as I said, hubby just had to have a new laptop computer for work so gambling with pictures of the kids is something that I have had to live with.

Maybe I can win a free HP printer, hook it up to the laptop and print those pictures, my darling husband's Father's Day card and just have a blast!

Speaking of Father's Day to enter this free giveaway contest, you hve to visit HP and then leave a comment stating which of their products that you would be interested in for Father’s Day (either for yourself or for the dad dude in your world). I know this is contest about Father's Day but if I win, it will be something for mom until I get those pictures printed out!

The last day to enter is June 13, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST which is right before the big day!


You don't want to miss this free motorcycle giveaway! Go over to ZAPPOS AND fill out the form to win the DC Yamaha Giveaway!

When you enter, you will have a chance to win either a Yamaha YZ250F or TT125 custom motorcycle. The contest is a super limited edition collaboration between Yamaha and DC!

As part of the celebration of the recent opening of the DC Moto TF, which is the official training facility for DC’s motocross team, the Yamaha motorcycle company has teamed up with DC to create these custom motorcycles.

The free motorcycle giveaway sweepstakes ends on May 25th,2010 so what’re you waiting for? Don't wait until the very last day to enter! Go to the official contest page, read the rules to be sure that you don't do something to get yourself disqualified and enter to win one of those cool Yamaha dirt bikes for FREE!

Who wants the mother of their children riding old, used motorcycles? Get going ...Mama needs a new motorcycle!


There is still time to enter to win FREE CROCS if you rush over to SLICE OF HEAVEN!

To be honest I have not kept up with all the style changes in CROCS' ladies shoe. There is so much more there than clogs! There are pretty flats, slides sandals and I'm about to bust a gasket over the ankle strap wedges in lime green and hot pink. How cool those colors will be for summer and they will match my brand new purse!

I was literally amazed when I saw CROCS with high heels! The style they call Crema is to die for! When you visit CROCSbe sure to check out that style as well as Cyprus and Cesci to see what they've got going on over there! Crocs are not just for working...I would not be surprised to see Crema on some of the dancers on "Dancing with the Stars". They have that elegant, yet super sexy look about them.

The contest deadline is May 30Th, 2010 and with each tick of the clock we're getting close to the last day to enter to win free crocs in this free shoes giveaway so don't drag your feet!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


With one quick visit to the Lebeda Family blog you can enter to win FREE Moody Mamas Maternity clothes. The prize in this giveaway is a Stylish maternity tank top that takes care of announcing whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl to the world!

Moody Mamas maternity clothes can be found and bought right off the virtual rack at Target's website! If you were wondering if they are as cool as I'm telling you that they are, you certainly don't have to trust my fashion sense, but you probably ought to pay close attention to the fact that Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling and Bethenny Frankel are reported to be huge fans of the spring capsule collection.
Take it from the that your free Moody Mamas maternity clothes (should you win the contest) are going to make you look every bit as sexy and chic as the celebrity moms that I'm name dropping all over the place.

I adore Moody Mamas pink and black logo...I'm all about black and pink baby stuff these days but you want to know about the prize and how to win this contest learn how to get free maternity clothes. The last day to enter the contest is May 30th 2010(Ends 5/30/2010) and all you have to do is go to the Lebeda Family's blog after visiting Target's Moody Mamas rack and then go back to fulfill the mandatory entry to win free Moody mamas maternity clothes for your pretty, pregnant self!

FREE Keurig Coffee Maker

to enter for a chance to win a free Keurig coffee maker! One lucky lady can win a Keurig Special Edition Brewing System simply by visiting and leaving a comment on the Jolly mom blog telling which flavor or brand of K Cups that you can't wait to sip!

I'm not a huge fan of hot tea (although I do occasionally drink it because of the reported health benefits) so I was able to eliminate tea from my selection right off the bat. And yet I still had a very difficult time choosing just one of the K Cups that I want to try because truthfully there were a lot of them that I could see enjoying while all curled up on the couch in the early morning or late evening hours.

The last day to enter this great giveaway for mom (and dad if he's sweet) is May 19th, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST. The contest prize winner is chosen using and will be announced on Jolly Mom! I would really, really love to win this one because my coffee pot is shot and I don't see us being able to afford a trip down to New Orleans to visit my favorite Coffee stand, Cafe Du Monde. Until we can scratch up some cash for a road trip to the Big Easy, I could easily make do with a Free Keurig Coffee Maker because winning free stuff for mom makes me so very happy!

I just don't believe that there is a better contest where you can win a free coffee maker, so go on over to Jolly Mom's Blog and put your name in the pot!