Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TicTacDough Anne Geddes Baby Easter Bunny Giveaway

Hurry and get your contest entries into the TicTacDough Anne Geddes Baby Easter Bunny Giveaway! The deadline for entry is March 26, 2010 so that the winner can receive the plush bunny toy that is offered as a prize before Easter!

To enter it is mandatory to publicly follow TicTacDough's blog and list one Easter family tradition that is dear to you and that you do every year. Entrants must complete this mandatory step as your FIRST comment before any additional entries will be counted. But that is such a small thing when you get a chance to win some FREE BABY STUFF that will be so cool in your little one's Easter basket.

Once you get the first step taken care of, there are lots of ways to get extra entries and each one puts you closer to winning a precious Anne Geddes Baby Bunny Plush toy!

I challenge any mom to lay eyes on the sleeping baby snuggled inside the Easter egg not say, "AWWWWW".. It is just so very, very sweet!

The deadline is very close, so go forth and do your best to win. I'm warning you that I want this prize but good luck to you anyway!

Ladybug Soup Mimi's Babies Giveaway

Enter the Ladybug Soup Mimi's Babies Giveaway for a chance to win some extremely cute handmade, crocheted, sewn and monogrammed pieces from Mimi's Babies Etsy shop. In this Etsy store you will so many hair clips, hats and personalized clothes that will have your baby looking cute as pie!

One visitor to Ladybug Soup is going to win a $15 Gift Card to Mimi's Babies and I hope that lucky mom is ME but I'm willing to share the details with my visitors so that I get some additional entries to the giveaway so here goes.

To enter you must pay Mimi's Babies Etsy store a visit and take a look around! AFter you make out your shopping list go back to Ladybug Soup and leave a comment including the name of a product you loved. In my case, I have my eye on those precious baby girl's headbands as my preferred prize!

The deadline for entry is April 5, 2010 at 10pm CST and the contest is open to US Residents only. The winner (oh please let it be me!) will be chosen and emailed.
I love FREE BABY STUFF and am always on the lookout for a chance to add to my daughter's collection of baby hair bows so I'm off to enter and am keeping my fingers crossed that I win the $15 gift card so I can get some of those cute hair bows for baby girls!


I have a friend who has become totally hooked on making baby clothes so this free baby pattern giveaway is going to tickle her pink! Making it Little by Little is celebrating becoming a mom of THREE as well as releasing the new Baby Steps EC Pattern.

This proud mommy is offering the new baby sewing pattern to THREE (3) lucky moms (and dads so they don't feel left out) To enter the giveaway visit her wordpress site and answer the question that she asks in the Comments section of her post telling what was the last thing that you sewed? Did it turn out like the picture and last, what time was it?

There is only one entry per person allowed and no entries accepted after 2:34 am Mountain Time Tuesday, March 30, 2010 and darn it...the only drawback is that there are no extra entries for blogging about it. Still, I wanted to share this free baby pattern giveaway with visitors who stop by searching for FREE BABY STUFF GIVEAWAYS and CONTESTS!