Friday, November 26, 2010


Go HERE and simply hit LIKE to enter for a chance to win a FREE Bellini baby crib!

These guys are kicking off the holidays with a fabulous baby giveaway contest where one lucky mother-to-be will win a FREE baby crib that will be the best Christmas gift ever! I know this because I know exactly how much these cribs cost.

And talk about easy entry, all you have to do to enter the giveaway is visit their page on Facebook and click the giveaway's icon to indicate that you LIKE THEM.

The odds of winning are super, not because it's a low entry blog giveaway but because only the first 2000 fans will be automatically entered to win.

The crib contest's rules state that a winner will be selected when they reach 2000 Facebook fans or on Dec 26th whichever comes first but there's no way that the giveaway will still be accepting entries on December 26th because I just looked and they already have over 1000 LIKES.

Another problem that I encountered was that when I tried to log onto this page!/bellinibaby which the rules state that you MUST LIKE...the url is converted to another url so I'm not really sure if my entry will count and they also indicate that individual store pages do not count.

Even though I couldn't access the page that they gave the link for, I went on and hit LIKE since I would really love to win the FREE Bellini crib that they are giving away.

Oh, and to be clear there are two more (what I consider to be possible) drawbacks to this giveway. One thing that bugs me is that the winners will be required to pick up their crib at the location of the sponsor's choosing and if the location is not convenient or if the winner would like to have the crib delivered and/or set up there will be a charge. Also, the crib mattress and baby bedding will not be included as part of the prize. This doesn't bug me but it might seem odd to some that the crib doesn't come with a mattress.

The winner of the free Bellini baby crib will notified via their Facebook account so be sure to log in often since you will need to respond quickly to claim your prize!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Go HERE to enter for a chance to win this free baby clothes gift card giveaway where you can pick up some very, VERY cute clothes for your newborn baby boy or girl! The gift card that is being awarded as a prize is a a $75 Gift Certificate to spend at Zutano and we all know how cool their clothing line is, don't we?

I posted a few days ago about another Zutano baby clothes giveaway where the gift certificate's value was $150 (that blog contest ended a week ago so I hope you got your entry in before the deadline!) so in comparison $75 might seem like small potatoes but I beg to differ; you can buy a lot of outfits for that amount of money!

So, head on over there and give it another try to win the free baby clothes gift card giveaway before it closes on December 1, 2010! The winner of the free Zutano gift card will be announced 2-4 days after the contest has ended which will be in time to do a little Christmas shopping! The free $75 gift card giveaway is open to individuals 18 years old and older but is restricted to residents of the United States. Entrants are being told that they must leave their email so the sponsor can contact you if you win. If your comment is chosen as the winner you will have 48 hours to respond or they will choose a new winner so be sure to provide an email address that you check on a regular basis. You can just bet that I check mine every day and sometimes twice a day to see if I've gotten one of those wonderful e-mails saying that I am a winner!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Before I grab the coupons head out to look for a turkey, I thought I would sort through FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY CONTESTS for TUESDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2010 that I've found and that our followers were kind enough to share with us.

To enter to win a free $100 gift card that you can use to get some free shoes, visit here! The contest is open to both US and Canada residents and ends November 29th!

Visit The Rare Orchid to enter for a chance to win a pendant of your choice with a value of $25. The contest will end November 26th!

Bess Georgette is hosting a giveaway for a vintage 1960s Grace Kelly style purse that will end on November 26th

GalTime is also hosting a giveaway for 2 TrueWomb Baby Swaddlers with the value of $40 each that will end on November 29 and is open to residents of both the USA & Canada

Annie Wilcox Designs
is giving away a recycled, distressed window Screen that has been made into a Jewelry Holder and the contest ends on November 24

Visit Cooks+Books+Recipes to enter for a chance to win a copy of the cookbook "Gifts Cooks Love: Recipes for Giving." (ends November 30)

Gathering My Roses is giving away some Malt Salt and Bacon Ranch Dip Mix (ends November 30)

Candace Rose is having a $100 Shopbop Giveaway (ends November 22)

That Really Frosts Me is Giving away a FREE $35 gift card good at CSN Stores (ends November 22)

The English Organizer is giving away a FREE $75 gift certificate that you can use to buy merchandise at CSN Stores. (ends November 28)

Mommy's Sweet Things is having a free baby stuff giveaway with a Balboa Baby Shopping Cart and Highchair Cover as prizes (Ends December 1)

Mommy's Sweet Things is also giving away some free baby clothes (Ends December 1) AND Mommy's Sweet Things is Giving Away their ReliaDose Give Baby Medicine without the Fuss which will come in very handy with cold season right around the corner (Ends December 1)AND THAT'S NOT ALL! they are also Giving Away a handy Texthook to help busy mothers keep up with their Cell Phones on the Stroller (Ends December 1)

paper cakes finds is giving away a Kawaii prize pack from modes 4 u (ends November 29),a free gift card and tag (ends November 22), earrings (ends November 29) and two bath fizzies (ends November 29)

Crafty Dream is hosting a giveaway for a Matte Silver Orchid Trio Necklace from EarringsNation (ends November 30)

My Simple Life in Tokyo is giving away stylish A Pocket Watch Necklace (ends November 26)

Jaebumfangirl is giving away an Elise Clutch purse from ooh! Boutique (ends November 25)and an Eco Bike Tube Corrine Pouch from Reclaimed Wreckage (ends November 25)

Moonangelnay Handmade Blog is giving away a sweet, custom made baby mouse headband (ends November 27)

Dear Crissy is having a giveaway that cooks would be interested in with a prize of an Xtrema 10" Skillet (Ends December 3 and in a separate contest she is giving away a Popchips Get Popped Sampler (ends November 28)

A Shoppers Quest is giving away two copies of The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli Graphic Novels and coloring book. (Ends December 8)

Just Jingle is having a giveaway for 2 super fun craft kits from Creativity for Kids that would make good gifts for the children on your holiday gift list (Ends November 28)

Saving with Pam is giving away a FREE $24 Voucher to travelkiddy good for the purchase of travel games and activities for kids of all ages (Ends November 26)

The Small Fry is giving away a custom-made, free Holiday Card (Ends November 28)

Shining2Save is giving away a FREE $100 Gift Card just in time for your Christmas shopping! (Ends December 8)

Soul Munchies- is giving away You Were Made To Make A Difference written by Max Lucado & Jenna Lucado Bishop (Ends November 24)

shortofsomething is giving away a festive Plaid flannel convertible scarf that will tickle the loved one on your list that prefers a handmade gift (Ends November 23)

The Way the Cookie Crumbles is having a giveaway that will have 5 winners! Each of the winners will receive a Nick Chavez set that includes shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray the value is $60 for each set. (ends December 7)

DonnasHobby is giving you contest hounds a chance to enter to win $100.00 in her Etsy store that you can use to buy hand crocheted scarfs, blankets and other products. (Ends December 1)

The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too! is hosting giveaway that will end on December 3)

Leslie Loves Veggies- is at it again with a tasty giveaway featuring a Bubble Chocolate Prize Package. 5 Winners! (Ends December 6), a package of Non-Slip Grip Hair Bands and a Double Comb (Ends November 28)
, Fire Bracelets with a Mission in the lucky winner' choice of Adult or Children's Size. (ends December 6) and a Necktie giveaway with the winner's choice. (Ends December 7)

alovelylittledeer is giving away 3 Manchester Bus prints (ends November 26)

Amy Nicole Artisan Jewelry and Ruby Mountain Beads is hosting a blog giveaway contest for a sterling silver necklace valued at $125 (Ends December 18)

Go YAY is giving away a FREE $10 gift card (ends November 29)

More Than Words Blog is giving away a signed and numbered art Print of Sailor Girl. 8.5 x 11 printed with Archival ink on Fine Art Hahnemühle paper. (Ends December 1)

Visit ajoeynamedroo creations to enter for a chance to win a customized piece of wearable art. You chose the design and they make it! (Ends December 1)

Is There A Bathroom On This Ship? is Giving Away a copy of the Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar cookbook (Ends December 1)and (1) Set of Little Green Books in a separate giveaway that ends December 2.

Economy of Style is giving away a Navy blue trenchcoat. The free code is by Laundry by Shelli Segal in a size M Medium (Ends November 30)

Flying Giggles and Lollipops is giving away a FREE K's Kids Toy off of the of the Winner's Choice (Ends December 3) and a Custom Canvas in a separate blog contests giveaway (Ends December 1)

At Home Moma is giving away a Winter formula 5 Pack of Soft Lips (Ends November 29) and a $30 Gift Card to Pear Tree Greetings (Ends November 29)

MOMFinds is giving away a FABULOUS FREE $50 Gift Card to ebags (Ends November 24)

Sweet Petal Bakery is giving away printable giftwrap from AnkePankeDesigns that are appropriate for occasions ranging from baby shower, wedding, birthday to Christmas gifts. (ends November 26)

I'm the It Girl is giving away free pearl jewelry specifically a Rebecca & Penelope Pearl Tassel Necklace with a retail value of $830 (ends November 26)

PhiBetaFit is Giving away copies of "Eat Clean Diet Recharged" and "Your Best Body Now" books just in time for your after Christmas diet! (Ends December 9)

The Lucky 7 is having a giveaway for a set of (50) 5 x 7 Holiday Photo Cards with envelopes, FREE custom design upgrade, FREE UPS 2 Day Air Shipping and this prize has a $82 value! (Ends November 26)

is giving some lucky winner a chance to enter to Win a set of 6 Sing-A-Ma-Jigs! (Ends December 1)

A Taste of Koko is giving away 3 bags of Food Should Taste Good chips. (Ends December 10)

Dream Home DIY is hosting a giveaway that is a crafters dream for a free $25 gift card to Michaels, AC, or Hobby Lobby (ends December 3)

Things Sent My Way is giving away a free $30 gift card to (Ends December 5)

Things Sent My Way is giving away some StaphAseptic pain relieving antibacterial gel (Ends November 27), a Grene Irene Enzymatic Cleaning Starter Kit(Ends November 24)and in yet another giveaway a Oregon Chai - Chai Latte Concentrate Me Time Pack (Ends November 30)

Legacy of a Writer is giving away the book, No Greater Love, by Kathi Macias (Ends November 26)

I'm Not Your Everyday Average Mom has a Brugo Coffee Mug that she is giving away. (ends December 2)

Mommy Living the Life of Riley! is giving away $100 gift certificate to Company Kids (ends December 16), a Ms. Lady Bug Large size Pillow Pet (Ends December 1) and an AZO Products Emergency Kit stylishly stored in a Vera Bradley Bag (Ends December 4)

define1lady is giving away a FREE $35 Gift Card to CSN Stores (Ends November 30)

Whew, that is not all of the giveaways that I could include in my FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY CONTESTS for TUESDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2010 but I have to get out and buy some groceries or my family is going to be hungry on Thanksgiving! When I finish shopping, I have lots more to post so be sure to stay tuned and thanks to all of you that have stopped by to submit your blog giveaways...KEEP THEM COMING!