Monday, April 11, 2011


Go HERE to enter for a chance to win the free child carrier giveaway that will make carrying your little one piggyback so much easier.

The Piggyback Rider was designed to bridge the gap of time between carrying your infant in a traditional baby carrier and the time when they are able to keep up and walk independently for long distances.

Imagine how much simpler it will be to carry your child without having your arms give out in a front carry or having little arms and legs wrapped around you when you give a piggyback ride.

The last day to enter the Free Child Carrier Giveaway Contest is April 26, 2011 and while you are visiting the website, you can enter to win free baby stuff in one of the other giveaways that are going on! In fact, every time you enter an additional giveaway you get bonus entries that will increase your odds of winning the free child carrier!