Friday, September 3, 2010


I know I've been MIA but I had to jump back in to tell you how to win some free baby shower gifts. Go HERE to see the sweet 'Baby Cupcakes' that are the prize in the contest. They are just precious and I'll bet that they are even sweeter in person!

Each little cupcake comes in its own little "cup" that is just as good as gift wrap in that they have pretty polka dot, plaid and other prints in all the best baby colors. And each little cupcake is filled with a baby bath cloth, a onesie and a pair of baby socks and even has an attached gift tag!

Everything that is needed to dress a new baby from head to toe!

So, how do you go about winning the free baby shower gifts? First, you go to the Making the World Cuter blog and then you will:

1.Check out the daily giveaways (Each day of giveaways will be active for 3 days)

2.Submit your entry using the easy linky tool below the prize list

Alrighty, you are just two easy steps away from winning free baby stuff!

A single winner will be randomly chosen to win ALL of the prizes for any given day!

You read right; one winner wins ALL the prizes!

So, go forth and be sure to bring your umbrella so that the shower of baby gifts doesn't bonk you right on your head!