Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Win a FREE Designer Purse from PonyUP! Kentucky

ATTENTION! Horse loving girls have a chance to win a FREE Designer Purse from PonyUP! Kentucky
and to read an in-depth, insightful review on this company's dedication to helping rescued and retired horses.

The mission of the company is admirable certainly worthy of our support. PLUS, their handbags are just as fabulous as their mission according to the review. The pictures of the high quality leather used in the design of their handbags and the brass nameplate (that I can SO imagine seeing my very own name on!) have me chomping at the bit to win the freebies in this blog giveaway contest!

You must enter before October 12 to Win a FREE Designer Purse from PonyUP! Kentucky but you can buy a purse from PonyUP! Kentucky whenever your spirits need a boost or if you need a new handbag to match your shoes!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Free $100 Shindigz Gift Card Giveaway

If you win the prize in the Free $100 Shindigz Gift Card Giveaway
the timing would be perfect to spend your credit on Halloween party supplies, Free Halloween costumes for yourself or the kids or decorations for a baby shower. There's just no end to the cool stuff that you will want to spend a hundred dollars on at Shindigz Party Supplies.

With the contest closing just before the night of Trick or Treat, I would love to win so that I could get some freebies to make my house so spooky that adults and kids alike would be scared out of their wits! It would also be nice to replace the witch costume that I wear every year with something new or maybe I could get some free stuff and throw a Halloween party for grownups and buy a sexy costume to wear!

So far the contest is low entry, but I don't expect it to stay that way. Enter to win the FREE $100 gift card before October 12th!