Friday, May 14, 2010


Thanks to To Infertility and Beyond Blog for this free cloth diaper giveaway! What's super cool about this blogging moms' free diaper contest is that there are so many brands that you can choose as your prize if you are lucky enough to win.

I enter to win lots of free diapers where the contest is accompanied by a review of the diapers. But Rebekah has pictures of a lot of different diapers that she has in her stash that you get to pick from. She is giving away not just one but TWO cloth diapers (including inserts) of your choice!

Some of the diapers have been used and washed, some have NEVER BEEN USED or washed...but she states that ALL of them are in perfect condition and if the pictures are any indication, they all are just as cute as can be! And you know you never can have too many diapers.

The last day to enter the free cloth diaper giveaway contest is on May 18, 2010 and Rebekah will choose a winner using so everything is done fair and square!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


How fun!!! Here's a giveaway contest where you can win a free teepee playhouse! No more draping the bedsheets or mommy's good tablecloth over the dining room chairs to make the kids a playhouse on rainy afternoons! Once again, I am suggesting that CANADIAN NATURAL MAMA'S BLOG is the place to go to win free stuff!

In fact, I was just looking for instructions on how to make a teepee for a school project to help out a neighbor who PROMISED me that my little ones would have access to it in their yard once the school play is over. But, if I win the prize in this cool contest....I don't have to travel across the street to her yard for the kids to play cowboys and Indians.

Entering this contest is going to take awhile because you must visit one of ATG's 400+ stores which is going to be time consuming...they have lots of products. Then go back to Natural Mama's and leave a comment listing another item from ATG that caught your eye. Once you take care of that you can move on to scoring some additional entries which will increase the odds that you have to win a free teepee playhouse!

The contest deadline is June 3rd,2010 6/3/1010 at 9pm so hurry before you miss out!


I almost let this chance to win a free Britax baby stroller slip right by me! The deadline to enter to win a free baby stroller is May 12th at 9pm so you better get a move on and visit CANADIAN NATURAL MAMA and check out the rules for entry and go for it before the baby giveaway contest expires!

Even though the contest is on a Canadian mom's blog, it's open to both residents of Canada and the United States.

The value of the contest prize is over $100 and that's a lot of money that you can use for something else if you win the lightweight umbrella stroller!

To enter, you have to visit the Britax stroller website and shop around. After you check out all the cool stuff they have for sale, head back to the Canadian Natural Mommy's blog to leave your comment listing the many other Britax baby products that you might want to add to your collection of baby gear should you win a free Britax baby stroller (or not?)

I will, of course visit Britax to fulfill the mandatory entry but I can tell you right off the bat that I want a Blink Stroller in either the Sprout fabric option or the Cowmooflage AND a Chaperone Britax car seat in Cowmooflage print!

Oh, and please take the time to stroll around Canadian Natural Mommy's blog because they do have some excellent information over there. Their Britax Blink review rocked!

And NO I am not affiliated....I don't even live nearby as I'm wayyyy down in Mississippi where trees and cows RULE! My plans are to ignore the creeping oil slick ruining our coastline and focus on doing my best to promote and support others who promote natural living and do my best to win a free Britax baby stroller in this giveaway!

Monday, May 10, 2010


YES! Just what I've been wanting to do, win a FREE PEARL BABY BRACELET! NYC SINGLE MOM is my official giveaway idol of the day...maybe even the week or the month for telling me about this unbelievable drawing!

The sweet baby bracelet is a product of Madison Pearls, a well-known designer and retailer of fine pearl jewelry for over a quarter of the decade. And to spread the word about this amazing company, they are hosting a free baby jewelry giveaway with one of their personalized baby bracelets as the contest prize.

The baby bracelet is handcrafted using both high quality white and freshwater pearls and antique sterling silver rondelles. Both are strung on a sterling silver wire using the silver alphabet blocks to spell out your infant's (or older child's name).

The bracelet comes in sizes ranging from newborn right on up to age 14 so this is not a contest that would just be of interest to ladies with babies! Your teenage daughter, niece or even somebody on your Christmas list might like to have a lovely pearl bracelet! And for that matter who wouldn't like to get free jewelry?

To enter for a chance to win a free Pearl baby bracelet in this contest you should go to the official contest page and read the rules of the giveaway that has all the usual details like the winner of the baby bracelet will be chosen by, the the prize has a value of approximately $90.00 AND that the deadline for entry is 5/31/2010 at 12:00:00 AM but really.... you need to read all this stuff for yourself to be sure that you qualify for entry and that you do everything by the book and GO HERE to enter!


Visit J. Leigh Designz to enter for a chance to WIN A FREE BABY BJORN BABY CARRIER! BABYBJĂ–RN is sponsoring a giveaway where some lucky mom can win an Original Organic Baby Bjorn carrier! When you read J. Leigh's Baby Bjorn carrier review, you will be dying to try this juicy piece of highly rated baby gear out for yourself.

To enter to win the Baby Bjorn carrier, there is a test involved. Don't worry, it's a quiz that you will pass with flying colors because you know you want to win this free baby baby carrier!

To take the mandatory test you must visit Baby Bjorn and then return to J. Leigh's blog to leave a comment telling which carrier manufactured by the company best fits your needs.

You can pick up many additional chances to win a Baby Carrier Original Organic by following on Facebook, tweeting and so forth! The deadline to enter to win the free baby carrier contest is May 24th, 2010 (5/24/2010) at 11:59pm so there's plenty of time to go and take action after action and make a hundred on the test in order to win a free Baby Bjorn baby carrier that you are going to love because it's just that sturdy and comfortable and if you don't believe some of the reviews!

Win a Free Bummis Cloth Diaper

Visit DIRTY DIAPER LAUNDRY for a chance to win a free Bummis Cloth Diaper! If you haven't read the Bummis Diaper review, you can find a video reviewof the Easy Fit on the DDL's website that will inspire you to rush to enter to win a free cloth baby diaper!

The winner of this giveaway will win a Bummis Easy Fit diaper in their favorite color. I found this to be a very desirable characteristic of any free baby products contest that I enter. Even though no diaper goes unused around my house I like to use diapers with covers that match my baby girls' outfits, don't you?

For your mandatory intrigue you should visit Kelly’s Closet and then return to the official baby giveaway page and leave a comment stating which is your favorite one size diaper other than the Easy Fit style. The deadline to enter is Ends 5/24/2010 (May 24, 2010) and the winner will be chosen by a

To score some additional entries DDL has a list of actions that you can take and asks that you be sure to leave a comment for each action that you take in your efforts to win a free Bummis cloth diaper for your little one!


You can enter for a chance to win a free Snap-EZ diaper to try for the very first time or to add to your stash of fitted cloth diapers. Visit HERE
to read the review that the mommy blogger wrote about the diapers. After you see how high she rated the diapers, you are either going to want to enter the giveaway to enter a free diaper or head on over to SNAP-EZ to buy some.

The free diapers giveaway is open to her blog followers only so if you are not a follower of this blog you should consider becoming one to enter the contest.

You can fulfill the mandatory entry by visiting Snap-EZ and going back to Hot Tot and Baby Couture and leaving a comment as to what product that you would pick if you won the baby contest and what color you would prefer.

Don't forget to leave your email address with your commie and so that she can contact you if you win a free Snap-EZ diaper! The contest deadline will be June 8, 2010 and the winner of the contest will be chosen at that time via


Here's your chance to win a cute, free baby hat to keep the sun out of your little one's precious eyes. Visit BABY LOVING MAMA to see the wonderful baby sun hat that Kokopax is offering some lucky mom AND you get to choose your favorite style in your baby's exact size!

Kokopax has a very nice selection in both Diaper Totes and Sun Hats. When you visit their website to fulfill the requirements of the baby contest's mandatory entry you will probably find the perfect diaper tote that will go with your favorite outfit, not just the type to carry your baby stuff!

They state that their diaper totes are made from 100% cotton canvas fabric and lined with custom designed water-resistant materials. Their bags have durable webbing and creamy, chocolate leather accents that will probably make you want a Hershey bar so that you can't stand it.

Without a doubt the free baby hat that is a prize in this baby giveaway is made with the same quality materials and care that they take pride in using in their diaper bags and baby carriers.

I like for all of my girls to have a sun hat to wear when we are traveling in the summertime as it's just never too early to start using baby sun protection as the crows feet that are beginning to form around my eyes regrettably prove.

Kokopax has adorable hats for babies made of cotton canvas that are available in sizes 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months. To help keep the hat in place there is a chin strap that will keep mommy from having to constantly chase her toddler to be sure that the hat is actually on her head to shield her from the sun. Believe me that I know what I'm talking about here because I've done my share of picking up hats and chasing babies!

The value of the contest prize is $19.99 and worth every penny...but you can enter to win the free baby hat visiting the Kokopax website and returning to the baby giveaway page and leaving a comment telling the sponsor what caught your eye while while you were visiting.

If you would like additional increase (and of course we do!) after leaving your initial comment you can take any of the list of actions that Baby Loving Mama's blog lists and leave a comment telling her each that you did. Each action is worth one additional entry unless otherwise noted. Each comment that you believe is an entry so be sure to leave the appropriate number of comments so that you get credit for everything you do to win the free baby hat.

If you are not lucky enough to win the baby giveaway you may want to take a trip back to Kokopax and not a carrier, a diaper tote and a matching baby sun hat especially when you hear about the Kokopax coupon code that gives you 10% off your order by entering bloving2010 at the time of checkout. If you want to see any of the items in person you can use the retail store locator on their website to find a store that carries their products that is near you.