Tuesday, May 11, 2010


How fun!!! Here's a giveaway contest where you can win a free teepee playhouse! No more draping the bedsheets or mommy's good tablecloth over the dining room chairs to make the kids a playhouse on rainy afternoons! Once again, I am suggesting that CANADIAN NATURAL MAMA'S BLOG is the place to go to win free stuff!

In fact, I was just looking for instructions on how to make a teepee for a school project to help out a neighbor who PROMISED me that my little ones would have access to it in their yard once the school play is over. But, if I win the prize in this cool contest....I don't have to travel across the street to her yard for the kids to play cowboys and Indians.

Entering this contest is going to take awhile because you must visit one of ATG's 400+ stores which is going to be time consuming...they have lots of products. Then go back to Natural Mama's and leave a comment listing another item from ATG that caught your eye. Once you take care of that you can move on to scoring some additional entries which will increase the odds that you have to win a free teepee playhouse!

The contest deadline is June 3rd,2010 6/3/1010 at 9pm so hurry before you miss out!

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