Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Go HERE TO ENTER for a chance to win a FREE $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD!

Yes, the winner of this unique blog giveaway will win a grand prize of a free Amazon gift card and all you have to do to enter is add your blog's Giveaway Linky into Freebies and Much More's new site by sharing the details in the "Submit Your Giveaway Form".

Once you have that little detail taken care of, you will then need to leave a comment letting the webmaster know that you have completed this mandatory step leaving your blog or website's name in the comment.

The blog contest rules state that you can enter as many Giveaway Linky's as you'd like which is pretty cool since so many mommy blogs and websites have numerous Giveaway Linky's.

There are many ways to pick up extra entries (and all are well worth doing in my opinion when there's a chance to win a free $100 Amazon gift card) before the contest deadline of 7/31, so get going and do what you can to win that free gift card!


for a chance to win a wonderful wood baby high chair!

PamperedTot is sponsoring a blog giveaway where one lucky mom can win their own classic collection Stokke TRIPP TRAPP high chair! The rules of the blog contest states that giveaway is only open to residents of the US or Canada who are at least 18 old or older.

The mandatory step you must take to get your first entry is easy as can be but you must take care of it before you will be allowed to have any additional entries.

Before you do anything else you should, cruise around the site and then go back to the official contest page and leave a comment listing another item (or two?) that you would enjoy owning from their selection of products for babies.

Perhaps you might like some of their furniture, bedding, decor, feeding items, bath products. Or maybe you would like some toys to entertain your little ones while they are waiting for you to serve them dinner while sitting in the free baby high chair that mommy was smart enough to win for them?

Hey, you shop all the time for no reason, why not go shopping with a purpose? And please do this before the giveaway ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on July 5th!


Go HERE TO ENTER to win a free cloth pocket diaper from Bella Bottoms. I just adore sending business over to mom owned businesses! I feel a real kinship with these hardworking mommies and want them to succeed. I really appreciate their sponsoring wonderful blog contest giveaways giving us a chance to win free baby diapers. Offering us a chance to sample their diapers is proof positive that they truly believe in their product!

The Incredibella has been touted in reviews to be several moms' favorite diaper cover! The Incredibella is a a pocket diaper from Bella Bottoms that is said to be holding up well while leaving the babies who are wearing them plenty of room for growth! One thing that I like about them is that they have Lastin elastic which doesn't come loose or need to be fixed unlike a lot of other diapers.

Bella Bottoms has some organic baby diapers in patterns to die for, my friends. So, you may as well go on over there to do your shopping and fulfill the mandatory entry of leaving your comment at the Cuddles and Camo blog stating which Incredibella you would pick if you can be lucky enough to win a free cloth pocket diaper in the blog giveaway.

Please hurry because the Bella Bottoms promotion ends Saturday July 3rd at 11:59pm and the blogger says that she will pick a winner Sunday morning.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


For a chance to win a FREE $50 gift card for a swimsuit, visit and pick out a swimsuit that you would love to buy with your gift card if you win the giveaway. Then GO HERE and share which bikini, tankini, one piece or whichever swimsuit that you would want in the comments section. You must take care of that mandatory step befor any other entries will be counted but..there are lots of ways that you can get additional entries once you get that taken care of.

If you find that you just can't make up your mind on which swimsuit is best for your body type,don't fret because you can get a free consultations from one of the swimsuit specialists on! They actually have experts that will help you choose the perfect swimsuit for your body!

I'm a little late in posting this wonderful blog giveaway and the contest ends on July 3rd, 2010 at 11:59pm Central time so please hurry so that you don't miss your chance to win a free $50 gift card for a swimsuit!

Even if you don't win, the sponsor has generously provided a discount coupon code and here are the details: FREE $5 Gift Certificate! Use Coupon Code 5gift. Expires This Week - So Shop Now! (Restrictions Apply) !


Go HERE TO ENTER for a chance to win FREE WALL STICKERS! The prize in this blog contest is a motivational saying in lovely chocolate brown letters that is just large enough for the space over your baby's bed in the nursery, over a sofa in your living room or over the buffet in a dining room.

The saying that you have a chance to win is something that anyone could benefit by reading first thing every morning. Basically the quote tells us to be who you are and say what you feel because anyone who would mind doesn't matter and those who would matter don't mind. Words to live by in my book...what about yours? I think that if I win that I will replace my current arrangement of nursery wall decals with this saying so my baby will know it by heart before she ever starts preschool!

To enter the blog giveaway contest and fulfill the mandatory entry you must visit the sponsors website and then return to the official contest page to leave a comment indicating which of the sponsor's other wall decals that you might like to own.

The free wall stickers giveaway ends July on 12, 2010 at 11:59pm Central time and the contest is open to US Residents so hurry and get your comment posted before the deadline.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Reese Li Diaper Bag

Go HERE TO ENTER for a chance to win a free Reese Li Diaper bag!
The prize in this baby blog giveaway is a stylish diaper bag that not only looks great but according to the review is very functional as well.

The Reese Li Cambridge baby bag is sure to please trendy, modern moms that have the need for a bag that can be carried on your shoulder or over the handles of a baby stroller. The blogging mom who wrote the review indicated that the bag was easy snaps on and off and converts from a tote bag into a stroller bag quick as a flash!

Another positive remark that she made was in regard to the bag's adjustable straps which is nice if you are a petite mommy who finds that most straps are way too long. If you are lucky enough to win the free Reese Li Diaper Bag you will finally have the perfect bag with straps that can be made short enough to carry they bag under your arm.

As far as storage is concerned, the Cambridge has an exterior back pocket large enough to hold either the baby's changing pad or other items. And to keep your items from falling out should you happen to drop the bag, there is a secure flap closure and zippered interior pocket.

To enter to win the Free Reese Li Diaper Bag in the the baby sweepstakes, all you have to do is type a comment telling what you like about the looks of the Reese Li Cambridge, your favorite feature or anything else that comes to mind that makes this cool diaper bag worth taking the time to enter a blog giveaway contest.

You can also start or replay to an existing thread Little Dudes and Divas Forumand then return to The Mommy Mentor and post a comment with the link to your thread or comment for one more entry.

The free Reese Li diaper bag giveaway ends at 1:30pm on Monday, July 26th, 2010 so you have some time to get your entries in without any problems!


Go HERE TO ENTER to win a free Bumbleride stroller! This prize of a baby stroller has a value of $249.99 plus shipping, so you do not want to miss out on this giveaway contest!

The review says that the 2010 Flite is has all of the features that we have come to love about Bumbleride only in a smaller package. This lightweight stroller has every bit of the stylish look, the comfort and the safety features found in other Bumblerides. The main difference is that the Flite is lighter because it's built on a lightweight but remarkably sturdy aluminum frame.

The reviewer should be able to make informed comparisons because she also has written reviews on the 2009 Indie Twin Stroller. Her report stated that she apprecites the umbrella stroller since both of her baby girls are now walking and she needed to downsize to a smaller and more lightweight model.

The required entry to enter the contest is to visit the Bumbleride Stroller website online and read the article and check out the pictures of the new Bumbleride Flite and then return to the 3 Kids and Us Blog and leave a comment saying what color you’d choose if you are lucky enough to win a free Bumbleride stroller in the blog contest AND which of the umbrella stroller's features that you find most appealing. The baby stroller sweepstakes ends on July 16, 2010 (07/16/10) at 11:59am so ladies stroll on over and enter!


Go HERE TO ENTER for a chance to win a free nursing bra. Well, actually the prize is a $45.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO BELLA MATERNA but you will use the free gift certificate towards your purchase of one of Bella Materna's wonderful nursing bras that are said in reviews to be "oh so comfortable"!

From the pictures, this looks like a very nice bra constructed from lightweight fabric with smooth cups which are features that I can appreciate since many of the nursing bras that you see in even high end boutiques are way too heavy to wear outdoors in our hot southern summers and have too many bulky seams to look good under a tank top.

The mom over at Mama to 3 Blessings says this Bra quickly became her favorite nursing bra and that her plans are to continue to wear it even after her baby has stopped nursing. I can only imagine how lovely it would be to win a free nursing bra that I don't feel that I have to be pulling at to keep it in place all the time much less to feel like you're going bra-free which is the experience she relates!

But what about support for us full figured girls? Well, she also says that it's very supportive even though the fabric is light as air.

To enter for a chance to win the free nursing bra, you MUST FOLLOW Mama to 3 Blessings' BLOG and then you can take other steps to get more entries. Rush on over for a chance to win what is being called the most comfortable nursing bra today before the blog giveaway contest ends on July 8, 2010 at 11:59 PM!


Go HERE TO ENTER for a chance to win a free makeup kit. The contest is offering a makeup prize pack with a total value of over $150!

The makeup that we are doing our very best to win is by Emani Minerals who pride themselves on their 100% vegan face products. Emani Minerals makeup is both vegan AND gluten friendly. Animal lovers will appreciate that the products have not been not tested on animals and recycling fans will be happy to learn that their paper goods are 100% recycled (25% post & 75% pre-consumer) and biodegradable.

After reading the review, I am very anxious to give this product line a try because they may just be one of the most amazing green makeup options I've seen in awhile. Of course, we never know if the colors will be right or if it will work with our oily, dry or even normal skin types. But that's where winning a free makeup kit can come in really handy; you get to try the products for free. And remember this is not a box full of free makeup samples! You are entering the giveaway contest to win a complete free Makeup Kit, their new Vegan Kabuki Brush,Organic Lip Shine,Duo Pressed Bronzer PLUS the Hydrating Serum and makeup Primer with a prize value of over $150.00!

There are many ways to enter the blog giveaway but the MANDATORY ENTRY that must be fulfilled is to tell dear crissy why you want to try Emani Minerals makeup...a virtual no-brainer but you do need to hurry because the last day to enter is July 5th, 2010, 11pm EST!


Go HERE TO ENTER a stainless steel BPA FREE BABY SIPPY CUP! Visit Mama to 3 Blessing's blog for a chance to win your little guy or girl an Eco Vessel which is a 12 oz. Stainless Steel Sippy cup that is especially designed for small hands to handle.

The FREE SIPPY CUP that is a prize in this giveaway is lightweight and more importantly BPA free. The leak proof Avent top is made in England and there is also a clear cover to prevent those messy spills that have a nasty way of occurring just at the wrong time.

The review says that the BPA Free Sippy Cup is made of food grade #304, 18/8 stainless steel and is specifically designed for babies and children 12 months of age and older.

If you want to win this BPA free baby sippy cup you must be a follower of Mama to 3 Blessing blog and then there are several other ways to get additional entries. The last day to enter to win the cup is July the fourth 2010 at 1159 PM so what are you waiting for?


Go HERE TO ENTERfor a chance to win the FREE DECALS GIVEAWAY contest with a prize of a free $50 gift certificate.

All you have to do to enter is to send in a nice picture that you took of your latest decorating project using stickers that you bought at Word Decor n More to win a $5 Gift Certificate AND then your name will be entered into the monthly drawing for a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate.

I don't know about you, but I believe that decorating with nursery wall decals is just about as easy and user friendly as it gets. When I have a fresh coat of paint on the wall, the last thing I feel like doing is taking a hammer and driving a nail into it. It seems that I always misjudge the height or position and end up having to relocate the hanger and before you know that lovely paint job looks just awful. Vinyl stickers are much more forgiving and I highly recommend them.

Go over to this website, buy some stickers and I know that you will see exactly what I mean. Then, send in your pics to enter for a chance the free decals giveaway!


Enter the to win a $75 gift card from Zutano to pick up some free baby clothes for boys or girls this fall HERE!

You will also want to read Jyla's review of the new Zutano baby clothes line that includes more than 15 body styles, including reversible baby blankets, booties, and even a cute, plush bunny baby toy.

I was very pleased to hear that Zutano's fall collection will feature a variety of fabrics such as easy care Cozie fleece, French Terry and many fabrics.

This brand of affordable designer baby clothing offers a unique opportunity for moms like me (and you) to dress their babies in colorful, comfortable outfits that allows them to express their own individual personality.

But getting back to the free baby clothes gift card, Zutano has offered to giveaway a $75 baby gift card to one of Jyla's readers.

The lucky winner of the giveaway contest can use the $75 gift card to pick out some free baby clothes for boys or girls from the Zutano online boutique (once it becomes live online after Sept. 1)from their very stylish Fall line.

My thoughts on this are, who cares if we have to wait until after Sept. 1 to use the $75 gift card?

To enter the free baby clothes giveaway, you are required to visit Zutano on Facebook and write about the contest linking it back to Jyla's blog and mention something about it in a comment. You have to fulfill this requirement before the extra entries will count!

The last day to enter the blog giveaway contest is 11:59pm EST on July 28, 2010 so get a move on!