Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Who wants a chance to win some FREE PEARL JEWELRY for their sweetheart in time for Valentine's Day? Imagine how wonderful it would be for the love of your life to to surprise you with a pearl necklace tucked inside a heart-shaped box of chocolates! Do you know how long I have waited for my dear husband (who hasn't got a clue as to what's romantic as great as he is) to do something like that for me? Well, let's see...how long have I known him?

Actually, I realized long ago that romance was not his strong suit and that if I want fancy jewelry I should figure out a plan for how I can get it for myself. It's not like I'm a diva or anything but I do have little girls and they deserve special bridal jewelry on their special day when Daddy walks them down the aisle. And it makes it even more sentimental if the string of pearls was Mommy's right?

I'm posting this giveaway contest so that all the other ladies out there who have husbands lacking in the romance department can have a chance to win their own free pearl jewelry. The free pearl necklace giveaway prize has a retail value of $189 and the last day to enter the contest is February 9, 2011!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Everybody's looking for free cloth diapers and I wanted to tell you that you can go here to win a basket FULL of Kushies diaper covers, washcloths, burp pads and bibs PLUS 2 prefold diapers! Even if your baby is out of the newborn stage and you now use all your cloth diapers as dust cloths, you can add this to your stash of baby shower gifts IF you know someone who you like well enough to present with a gift worth almost $50.
I hate to sound cheap, but my gift budget is usually around $25 to $30 unless I'm buying for a special friend or a family member. Even if I win free baby stuff in blog giveaway contests I tend to parcel it out but since this prize comes as a complete baby gift basket with products that complement each other, it would be a shame to break up the set.

Hurry and enter for a chance to win this free baby gift basket before the deadline at 12pm MST on Sunday, 1/30/2011!