Wednesday, December 8, 2010


MOMS, can I have your attention, please? Here's your chance to WIN A FREE AMY MICHELLE DIAPER BAG! By all early indications, this giveaway contest is going to be low comment (not many entries) and has a great prize!

Some of my favorite actresses are being seen with various Amy Michelle baby bags. And any tote good enough for these divas is certainly good enough for me! I don't shout this fact from the rooftops, but I save a lot of time shopping through designer stores in malls and catalogs by choosing a celebrity mom that has similar coloring as my own as well as a taste for fashions that I can appreciate to copy. Call me crazy but this saves me a lot of hours and money spent on trial and error where my wardrobe is concerned.

I find out which brands my fashion inspiration is wearing and see if they are reasonably priced so that I can afford to wear them. If it's designer brand, I might shop in auctions online, look for it in a discount or outlet store or if it's truly a luxury item with an expensive price tag that might give my dear husband heart failure; I look for blog contests to see if I might win what I'm looking for...just like I'm going to enter to win this free Amy Michelle Diaper bag. Since I'm first and foremost a mom; I enter to win free baby stuff as often if not MORE often than I try to win prizes for myself. The giveaway closes on December 21st so that gives me two weeks to subscribe, Tweet, and LIKE the contest on Facebook!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Hurry, and go HERE to win free gift cards with a value to the tune of over $400!

Take a look at these prizes that 8 lucky winners can lay claim to! But you absolutely must move fast because all except for the very last on the list for free baby products ends today, December 5, 2010!

Prizes include:
$175 CSN Stores gift card (US & Canada)
$25 gift card (Worldwide)
$50 Costumes Inc gift certificate (Worldwide)
$50 gift certificate (Worldwide)
$50 Sonic gift card (US only)
$50 CardsDirect gift certificate (US only)
$25 Jasmere gift code (US only)
(1) Gift certificate for free baby products or adult personal care or beauty products from Original Sprout!

You can use the gift certificates to buy free baby stuff, food, shampoo and soap and lots of other stuff. BUT time is running out, get going!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


If you have to test samples before buying baby shampoo, here's a giveaway where you can WIN FREE BABY HAIR PRODUCTS or bath and body products for adults if you prefer as they are giving away a free gift certificate to Original Sprouts as a prize!

All you have to do to enter is visit Original Sprouts and return to the blog contest and leave a comment stating which of their worry free personal care products that you would buy should you win the free gift certificate!

While you are over there leaving your comment (which is mandatory for entry into the contest) you should take a moment to read the baby products review. I found the opinions of this mommy blogger and reviewer particularly interesting because she states that she has a very difficult time finding shampoo, body wash and conditioner that do not cause break outs of her skin and scalp and that these products worked for her. I am anxious to give them a try to see if they work for me and my family. The last day to enter to win free baby hair products in this giveaway is
December 14th which gives you a little over a week to get lots of extra entries to increase your odds of winning the free baby stuff or adult skincare products from Original Sprouts.