Wednesday, December 8, 2010


MOMS, can I have your attention, please? Here's your chance to WIN A FREE AMY MICHELLE DIAPER BAG! By all early indications, this giveaway contest is going to be low comment (not many entries) and has a great prize!

Some of my favorite actresses are being seen with various Amy Michelle baby bags. And any tote good enough for these divas is certainly good enough for me! I don't shout this fact from the rooftops, but I save a lot of time shopping through designer stores in malls and catalogs by choosing a celebrity mom that has similar coloring as my own as well as a taste for fashions that I can appreciate to copy. Call me crazy but this saves me a lot of hours and money spent on trial and error where my wardrobe is concerned.

I find out which brands my fashion inspiration is wearing and see if they are reasonably priced so that I can afford to wear them. If it's designer brand, I might shop in auctions online, look for it in a discount or outlet store or if it's truly a luxury item with an expensive price tag that might give my dear husband heart failure; I look for blog contests to see if I might win what I'm looking for...just like I'm going to enter to win this free Amy Michelle Diaper bag. Since I'm first and foremost a mom; I enter to win free baby stuff as often if not MORE often than I try to win prizes for myself. The giveaway closes on December 21st so that gives me two weeks to subscribe, Tweet, and LIKE the contest on Facebook!

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