Saturday, May 22, 2010


Listen up, my fellow (or sister?) baby wearers! Go to THE MODEST MOM BLOG to enter for a chance to win a free BABY NEST WRAP! If you want to know how winning this wrap will simplify your life, keep reading!

Managing several baby girls in diapers can be a challenge. It seems that they are never asleep at the same time where I can have both hands free to get my work done. Do I really need to tell you just how hard it is to fold clothes while carrying a less than happy baby?

That's why you need to win a free Baby Nest Wrap; so that when one baby's napping the other can hitch a ride wrapped comfortably close to her mom's chest leaving Mommy's hands free to get a few things done!

If you are familiar with the Moby Wrap, you know that moms love them and according to the Baby Nest Wrap review that Modest Mommy posted, this wrap is like the Moby only better! The wrapping process can be hard to learn and intimidates a lot of new mothers and many give up before they can enjoy the benefits that wraps offer. The Baby Nest is said to have flattened the learning curve and made wrapping baby easier by using two shorter pieces of fabric for the wrap rather than one, gigantic long piece as well as other easy to use feature! What an excellent idea!

Take it from me that you haven't lived until you have experienced a comfortable baby wrap and by all indications this one is a winner! The last day to enter the giveaway contest is this comeing Tuesday, May 25th at midnight so hurry on over to enter to win a free Baby Nest wrap AND to read all the wonderful information that Modest Mommy has on her blog!

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