Sunday, May 23, 2010


Go HERE to enter the giveaway contest for a chance to win a FREE MAKEUP KIT.

Even if you are a complete stranger to wearing eye shadow, blush and should try to win it for that friend who would rather spend time in front of a makeup mirror than eat. We all have one of those friends, don't we? YOu know the one whose eyeliner is always perfect and whose lipstick never bleeds beyond her perfect lip line?

I'm so hopeless at makeup application that the most luxurious makeup kits on the planet couldn't rescue me, but I'm still going to try to win a free makeup kit for my mom because it's so cute, pink and there are all those fabulous brushes that you can buy to go with it in addition to the free retractable Kabuki brush that is part of the giveaway contest's prize.

Speaking of the contest prize, if you win you get a "Princess Grace" Hollywood Glamour Kit (Value: $49) that contains:
1 - retractable Kabuki makeup Brush
1 - Heart shaped mirror
1 - Gorgeuos Pink Makeup bag.

And of course if you win a free makeup kit you may want to buy the Professional Brushes Complete Kit that was reviewed for only $69 on the sponsor's website.

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