Friday, May 28, 2010

GM Gave the Mommy Who Gave Birth in a Chevy Cobalt Free Diapers

I just heard that GM gave the mommy who gave birth in a Chevy Cobalt Free diapers for a year! It's been reported that she also got some free baby gear including car seats, a stroller and some other stuff. about winning free stuff the hard way!

HERE'S A MUCH BETTER WAY TO win some free cloth diapers.


Stephanie, over at My New Life As Mom is offering a much more user friendly way to score some cloth diapers that you are gonna love! The Fluffy Bottoms Cloth Diaper Event will be going on from June 1-30, 2010. You will not want to miss out on the month long cloth diaper event shedding some light on all the wonderful benefits of diapering your baby with cloth diapers. I'm going to be there to enjoy seeing the styles, price comparison and GIVEAWAYS as well as to hear the misconceptions of using cloth rather than disposables.

To get all the details and read the rules you will need to visit My New Life as a Mom!

Meanwhile back to the mommy who recently had her baby in the car...

Some might say that she made out like a bandit for giving birth behind the wheel of a car (is that what happened? Is that even physically possible?) but I'm here to tell you that there's no way that I would think that that was a good deal!

No amount of free diapers, free strollers or baby car seats would tempt me to jump in the family's Chevy fully dilated, my friends.

All that aside, this seems like a win-win situation for the GM motor company as well as the new mom. She gets freebies and they get a boatload of free promotion. Could all that free advertisement be the reason that GM gave the mommy who gave birth in a Chevy Cobalt free diapers? Can you see an ad sometime in the future saying something like "Check out our new Chevy will double as a delivery room in a pinch."?

Yeah, this has to be the worst way to win free baby diapers EVER and I'm just glad everything turned out OK for baby Joe and his mommy.


  1. Stephanie's site is much easier and less painful! I am a sponsor for this event, thanks for spreading the word!

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