Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here's a chance to win some free baby laundry detergent to use on your baby's clothes. The gift basket of free Dreft laundry detergent samples that you can win in this contest actually looks more like full size products to me but the blog giveaway page says they are samples.

Dreft is the baby laundry detergent of choice for many mothers and has a great reputation so I went out and bought a large supply of Dreft when I was expecting my first daughter. Then I found out the hard way that she was very, very allergic to it. What a waste of money that was! If only I had picked up some samples to try before I jumped in with both feet...sigh....

Well, you may be able to avoid my mistake by winning the giveaway contest prize of a Dreft New Mom Baby gift basket including a Dreft product of your choice (either power, liquid or high-efficiency for HE washers), a baby blanket and a cute teddy bear. You will need to visit here to fulfill the requirements to enter for a chance to win your free baby laundry detergent, baby blanket and toy!

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