Monday, May 17, 2010


Boogy on over to ROCKIN MAMA'S BLOG to enter for a chance to win a free HP printer. We just bought a new laptop that I would love to have a printer for PLUS I need that free printer to print out all my baby pictures!

I have several hard drives full of family photos that I have never printed out because I believed that my old printer would smear, blur and basically waste ink printing out poor quality pictures. Digital cameras are the bomb, but when I made myself responsible for doing my own printing rather than running down to have our film developed I really should have bought a decent printer. Instead I now live in fear that something will happen to my computer and I will lose all those family memories that we could never get replace. But money's tight and as I said, hubby just had to have a new laptop computer for work so gambling with pictures of the kids is something that I have had to live with.

Maybe I can win a free HP printer, hook it up to the laptop and print those pictures, my darling husband's Father's Day card and just have a blast!

Speaking of Father's Day to enter this free giveaway contest, you hve to visit HP and then leave a comment stating which of their products that you would be interested in for Father’s Day (either for yourself or for the dad dude in your world). I know this is contest about Father's Day but if I win, it will be something for mom until I get those pictures printed out!

The last day to enter is June 13, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST which is right before the big day!

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