Monday, March 29, 2010


Momma's Review is giving us a shot to win some free potty training stuff! I tried to win the Baby Bjorn Active baby carrier giveaway awhile back with no luck but I bought my own and LOVE it. So I'm very excited about trying out Baby Bjorn’s potty seat!

Momma's review of the Baby Bjorn potty seat indicated that it was so darn cute and compelling that it had practically every kid in the house pulling down their diapers and getting ready to go before she had the box unpacked! I ask you, who doesn't want free potty training stuff that is that helpful?

The reviewer says this potty seat is a good product for toddlers who are just starting out and that is right in line with what I have going on!
She also mentioned that the free Baby Bjorn potty seat that she reviewed works well for small bathrooms in small apartments and that removing the bowl is easy after a successful potty training moment. This characteristic alone is worth its weight in gold so I'm off to do whatever it takes to win this baby giveaway contest as well as any other free potty training stuff I can find to make this job easier.

The baby giveaway deadline is April 12, 2010 at 12:00PM EST so get yourself in gear before you get so busy dyeing eggs for Easter that you forget!

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