Thursday, April 1, 2010


Visit OH MY BABY GIFTS to compete with ME in the organic baby onesie giveaway. This baby contest prize is a cute, growl onesie that is a product from Soft baby clothing

If you've ever visited my Family Recipes, Babies and Parenting Issues Blog you know how we have suffered with skin sensitivity problems and can appreciate why I'm a huge believer in organic baby clothes!

This company produces stylish, green baby clothing made from certified organic cotton fabrics. The key word that caught my eye is the word "SOFT"! My babies have ultra sensitive skin, allergies and eczema so SOFT and CHEMICAL FREE is very important to me. Because of my child's health concerns, I'm very particular about the fiber content of her onesies as well as any other clothing that touches her poor, itchy skin.

I'm excited about trying this company's products because they guarantee that they are unbleached, chemical free and contain only safe low-impact dyes. FURTHERMORE... Soft Baby Clothes only uses manufacturers who produce their products using low-impact environmental techniques and use Fair Trade practices. I can totally get behind that business model and friends I want to tell you that SO SHOULD YOU!

I'm going to enter this organic baby onesie giveaway and if I'm lucky enough to win I promise to post a picture of my sweet baby wearing it! Now, run along and enter and I hope that you enjoy your visit to the Soft Baby Clothes website as much as I did!

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