Monday, March 29, 2010


Love by CC is hosting a free baby hat giveaway to entice us to help her with a little problem she's having coming up with a name for her new Etsy store.

She wants to market her hats for adults but wants to do so in such a way that they aren't mixed in with her precious baby hats and stuff so that shoppers will easily find homemade pretties for all ages. Getting back to the reason she's giving away a free baby pom-pom hat; she can't come up with a name for her new store and needs OUR help!

CC wants US to drop by her blog and leave a suggestion for names that she might want to consider for her new shop! She says that she would prefer names that are similar to her baby store, LoveByCC, so that people will make the connection and know it is her but keep it separate.

I love her baby hat patterns and would surely love to win the free baby hat giveaway but for the life of me, when I tried to think of a name for her new store that is catchy and cute enough to win this giveaway my mind went totally blank. So, I will not be a competitor in this free baby hat giveaway unless I have a sudden and profound brain surge that makes me think that I can win!

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