Friday, April 2, 2010


Read more here on how to get a free coupon booklet for buying at least $35 worth of Huggies Diapers, Huggies Baby Wipes, PULL-UPS Training pants and other stuff that moms buy all the time with no reward or prize at the end of the shopping trip. From now until the deadline of April 30. 2010 you can get a FREE $10 Publix Gift Card delivered to your home by mail so long as you buy at least $35 worth of select Kimberly-Clark products including the ones we need for our babies as well as other participating brands including

COTTONELLE® Toilet Paper, GoodNites® Products, POISE® Products, KOTEX® Products, VIVA® Towels, KLEENEX® Facial Tissues, SCOTT® Towels and DEPENDS® Underwear.

The free coupon booklet has $17 in savings and shop inside Publix and save even more, while supplies last, of course.

A free coupon booklet just for buying baby diapers sounds like a pretty cool deal to me! Actually, it's like getting $17 in free baby diapers, baby food and household products only you get to pick what you actually want to buy! So, I'm going to read more details and learn if there are restrictions and how to get my Publix gift card, aren't you?

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