Thursday, April 1, 2010


I found a chance to win free nursery artwork today while reading an article by Redneck Witch. To enter go to the NETWORKING WITCHES blog and first enjoy her very nice article and then scoot over to DRAWN TO LETTERS Etsy store and see what the artist has to say about how art and letters make good memories!

I don't know about you but I would adore to frame some of the notecards to hang on the walls in my baby's nursery. They are just too pretty to actually write on! I've seen quite a few nurseries with beautifully illustrated cards similar her to hers decorating the walls so her invitation to let her mix something lively and personal for me is very, very enticing.

I am definitely going to enter the giveaway to win free nursery artwork because first of all it's never too early to introduce our kids to letters and secondly the personalized alphabet letters that I saw in the Drawn to Letters store were darling!

And the free art giveaway that she is sponsoring on Networking Witches will give someone a chance to win two 8X10 personalized prints! One of my daughter's names starts with the letter "C". I love those carrots that she drew on that letter and I can totally use that print in my baby girl's room! The deadline to enter the contest is 04/16/10 April 16, 2010 but I'm going there to enter right now and that's no April Fool's joke, my friends!

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