Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Design a Glow is giving away free diaper bags! Ok, they call it a purse giveaway but when a handbag is that darn cute who wants to use it for one purpose and one purpose alone? If you don't think I would look totally hot toting my baby's stuff in the red LOLA bag or the turquoise blue and lime green BELLE bag you just better think again!

Word was traveling about the blogosphere that Epiphanie Bags has some knock dead gorgeous new camera bags and that rumor sent me right on over to their website and this is one tidbit from the internet's fashion rumor mill that was right on the money, honey! They are totally fantastic and even better I found the free purse giveaway contest and they even let you choose your favorite style!

And if that giveaway is not enough to send your heart thumping, three contest runners-up will each win a prize of a $100 shopping spree in Design Aglow’s shop.

Ladies, get out of my way because I'm off to tweet about the free purse and shopping giveaway or I like to think of it as a chance to win free diaper bags and I'm wondering what kind of FREE BABY STUFF or free stuff for mom that I could buy should I win that shopping spree

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