Friday, April 2, 2010


Go to SWEEPS FOR BLOGGERS to enter a giveaway to win free Anne Geddes Baby Board Books and a precious Anne Geddes Baby Bunny doll. Anne Geddes is one of my favorite photographers because her camera captures all that is sweet and peaceful with a healthy dose of plain old CUTE with her camera.

She has developed a fine line of products that has the same characteristics as her photography including the cute little collectible and baby books that are offered as a prize if you are lucky enough to win this giveaway! This sweet little sleeping bunny like all of her work is very life like and will warm your heart!

The deadline to enter to win the plush baby bunny and the free Anne Geddes baby board books is 4/19/10 April 19, 2010 and all you have to do is visit Anne Geddes Baby Gift Shop and leave a comment on which items you adore. If you are like me that could be a VERY LONG LIST but just one or two items will get your first entry into the contest and then you can get more entries by taking various and sundry other actions to let the sponsor know how much you appreciate this free baby contest!

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