Friday, October 1, 2010


Go HERE to enter this excellent contest that might just launch your kids' career as a model or even a child star! I know, who would want to put a child through that misery after seeing the toll that this lifestyle takes. But there are children who take to modeling school like a duck to water, I'm told.

If your kid is determined to become a diva despite your best efforts to restrain her...or him here is your chance!

As of right now there are 23 days left to enter the contest.


All you have to do to enter is upload a picture of your kids wearing their favorite outfit that shows off those good cheekbones and beautiful eyes that are in their genes - and you might want to show off their good jeans, too..if you catch my drift (read: show the judges how good they look in GAP kids' clothes?).


Children from the ages of newborn (0-10) through 10 years of age can be entered from now through October 24, 2010.


Winners of the GAP Casting Call Contest will receive:

• A Gap photo shoot featuring your child as the star
• Your child's photo featured in babyGap and GapKids stores nationwide
• A FREE $1,000 Gap Gift Card that is good for a babyGap or GapKids wardrobe

And you should also know that The Fan Favorite is back so you can ask (read: beg and plead) for your friends and family to cast their vote for your child every day for a chance to be 2010's Fan Favorite and win that free Gift Card. The judges will be watching closely to see which of the entries quickly rise to the top.

If you're entering an infant you probably have a prize winning nursery in place. So, you might also consider entering photos of your baby's room in this BABY PICTURES CONTEST where you can have a chance to win one of three Amazon gift cards AND you should also consider putting your name in on one of the blog giveaways on FREE BABY STUFF.

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