Monday, September 27, 2010


Go HERE to enter for a chance to win not only a VERA BRADLEY DIAPER BAG but a matching Ditty Bag and a cooler bag set! What a cool prize collection for the expectant mom on your baby shower gift list!

The diaper bag that is part of the prize package, comes with a soft terry changing pad that has a decorative border made of matching fabric and numerous pockets with magnetic closures that are nicely hidden under the signature were Vera Bradley fabric.

The ditty bag is every busy mom's dream since it's lined with plastic and can be used to hold that damp outfit or whatever you don't want leaking all over the other stuff in the diaper bag.

And my favorite item in the free Vera Bradley diaper bag giveaway is the fully laminated cooler bag that is insulated to keep beverages either cool or warm.

There are many ways that you can score extra entries for the blog giveaway contest, but you can just bet that lots of moms are going to want the free Vera Bradley bags, so it's probably not going to be a low entry giveaway. You should start now to stack up as many entries to the giveaway since the last day to enter is October 23, 2010.

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