Monday, September 27, 2010


Go HERE to enter this cool, free personalized diaper bag giveaway where the prize is not just a free baby bag but a matching wipes case...all in the fabric of your choice!

Bekah from Bizzy B's is a stay at home mommy who creates makes her own diaper bags by hand! The only part of the process that she doesn't do herself is the monogramming (and what is a personalized diaper bag without a monogram?).

She doesn't use patterns for any of her creations and she says that special orders are her favorites! Each baby bag has unique hand-sewn details with vintage accents. I was really impressed withe attention to detail and the original design of each of the bag that I saw in the picture on the blog giveaway contest page so you can just bet that I'm going to enter for a chance to win the personalized diaper bag giveaway before the contest deadline on September 30, 2010!

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