Thursday, June 10, 2010


Listen up, my freebie loving friends, here's a blog giveaway where you can win FREE BABY STUFF! In fact the prize is over $600 in baby gifts and goodies! It's like they are giving away FREE MONEY over there if you are a new mom needing gear. The contest has free breastfeeding stuff as well as swaddling blankets, birth bags and baby gifts galore!

All you have to do to enter to win all these free baby products and pregnancy gifts is to comment on THIS POST sharing great baby shower ideas The blog hosting the giveaway is looking for gift ideas, baby shower games, themes or any advice on how to decorate.

Yeah, I know it will be a huge pain to remember and list everything you did to make the last event that you hosted a raving success, but for your trouble you get a chance to win some really cool pregnancy gifts and stuff that newborns and new moms will turn flips over!

Th contest will be ending on Labor Day which is a fitting day for a contest with pregnancy gifts as a prize. It doesn't matter if your shower was recent, if you were the actual hostess or even if you're actually pregnant yourself, you can still enter the blog contest to WIN FREE BABY STUFF using ideas from awhile back if forced to do so.

Other people get to vote on your entries so be sure that your ideas are creative, inexpensive and trendy as all get out! I plan to make a rough draft and go over it making sure that my contest entry is entertaining, informative using clear, concise language. In other words, nothing like my usual blog entries.

Just so you know, I can really clean up my act and look unbelievably professional when I am trying to win free baby stuff! I figure that I've got until Labor Day 2010 to submit my contest entry and that will give me a chance to check out the competition!


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    And my entry to this giveaway -

    Baby Shower Ideas!

    My baby shower was Alice in Wonderland theme! The ccenterpieces were various teapots filled with red roses and playing cards (hearts of course) poking out of them! The games were Tea Party/Alice in Wonderland themed, with a race to swaddle a toy pig, guess how many hearts in a giant teacup, musical chairs, best 'painted rose", and even an "unbirthday cake" :) The prizes were all tea gift sets. It was SO MUCH FUN!!

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