Monday, June 7, 2010

FREE Combi SHUTTLE 33 Baby Car Seat Review & Giveaway

Today seems to be free baby car seat giveaway day on the web! If you need one, check out the FREE Combi SHUTTLE 33 Baby Car Seat Review and Giveaway contest on Pop Sugar Ribbons blog. In fact they have several blog giveaway contests running where you can win free infant car seats as prizes worth over $100!

I read the Combi SHUTTLE 33 Baby Car Seat review very carefully and one feature that stood out is the anti-rebound bar that minimizes the rotation against the vehicle seat back in the event of a frontal crash. You know, I don't even like to read that such a thing might ever be needed but the reality is that the possibility of being involved in a wreck with baby on board increases with every one of you who refuses to make your car a no phone zone! Texting in the car is difficult to detect and control by the law so I'm asking moms who care about their kids to ask everyone they know to STOP TEXTING WHILE DRIVING because the life they save may be their own! I'm ranting because lately I've had friends killed by people texting in their cars. Not by people who are driving drunk...not that driving while drunk is a good idea but these lives were lost due to stone cold sober drivers texting. One friend who was killed was texting when he ran off the road and died.

Getting back to the FREE Combi Baby Car Seat Giveaway all you have to do is become a public friend of SUGAR POP RIBBONS and visit the Combi baby car seat website and go back to Pop Sugar Ribbons to leave a comment mentioning another Combi product that you would like to try.

All of this must be taken care of before July 7th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST so hurry to enter for a chance to win a highly rated free baby car seat and get that baby buckled in! Oh, and if you love your baby (and I know that you do), please DON'T TEXT WHILE DRIVING and good luck to you in the FREE Combi SHUTTLE 33 Baby Car Seat Review & Giveaway!

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