Wednesday, May 5, 2010


You can never have enough diapers, especially FREE diapers. Entering the FREE Rock Mountain Diaper giveaway going on at MAMA B BLOG
might do a little something to help you increase your stash and who among us wouldn't love to have more ROCKY MOUNTAIN DIAPERS?

You can enter the contest to win one (1) one size diaper for your little one and the chance to win free diapers of this quality just doesn't come along every day! I, personally, have my eye on the Monkey Baby & Berry style but all of their colors have such sweet and fruity names, that it was difficult to choose.

The colors are cute but what you're really going to love is the shape of the diaper that is so nice and trim. And we all know what trim fitting means...less leaks, our babies are more comfortable and look so cute waddling around, not like they are carrying a sack of potatoes in the seat of their pants. You know what I'm talking about, ladies.

From all indications there are going to be a large number of comments. Buzz on over to the official giveaway page and put your name in the pot before the contest deadline on May 22nd, 2010! PLUS, Mama B offers several opportunities to boost your chances to win the free Rocky Mountain Diaper giveaway contest. You can become a follower on Twitter, Tweet the giveaway and the list goes on and on and just so you know, I'm planning to do as many as I can because I want that free diaper!

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