Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am going right on over to SINGLE MAMA CENTRAL
to enter to win the AMA Baby Sling Giveaway! If you know me very well, you know I believe that a mom's wardrobe selection is not complete without choosing a baby sling to match her ensemble. For this reason, (and others that follow so keep reading) I plan to be an enthusiastic competitor in this contest.

AMA slings are super good looking plus they are adjustable to best fit the wearer of the sling AND the baby tucked inside. They say that those of us who are height challenged (read: short) may find that the tail is a little longer, and if you are a member of the treetop club (read: tall like me) the tail may be a little shorter. Just so you know, so long as the sling's tail has at least a foot of fabric hanging beyond the ring, there is no danger that it will slip back through the ring. AMA offers made-to-order service according to your particular circumstances saying that any of their slings can be adapted to suit the customer's height and weight.

And you can put all this to the test if you are lucky enough to win the AMA Baby Sling Giveaway! I have my eye on the "First Summer" sling as my dressy, Sunday baby sling because it will look so gorgeous with my favorite dress and new wedge heels!

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