Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cheap Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I just came across the best of all the cheap Mother's Day gift ideas I've ever seen! WALGREENS has a very cool deal running that will delight your mom to no end. You can get a a FREE 8X10 picture collage (if you pick it up at the store). Plus, it's creative so your mom will be so proud that her son or daughter put some thought into making her gift!

But hold on, before you groan and start dragging out the paint and craft supplies thinking that I'm going to direct you to some lame-oh craft. You know the kind that I'm talking about...the picture frame or trinket that will be displayed on the mantel for a week or so until it can be discreetly stored in the closet with stuff that you decorated with macaroni when you were a kid. Well, this is not your average Free Mother's Day craft's better than that!

This cheap Mother's Day Gift Idea is one that your mom will never want to's a FREE 8x10 photo collage that you order online and then either pick it up at your local Walgreen's store or have it delivered right to your (or your mom's) door for the incredibly cheap price of only .99!

We all know that moms deserve the sun, moon and a few stars for good measure but when you can make your own Mother's Day present and have it delivered for less than a dollar...well, that's without a doubt one of the most wonderful, cheap Mother's Day Gift Ideas that we may ever find.

So, run on over to the official page and get started using the coupon code GOODTHOUGHTS when you checkout before May 8th! And you know when you find free stuff for moms on special occasions it must be accompanied by a bouquet of flowers, right?

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