Friday, January 21, 2011


How about we kick off the weekend by going HERE to enter for a chance to win a free K'TAN baby carrier OR a FREE Ergo baby carrier. If you haven't already done so, you should boogie your self right on over to enter the Ergo organic baby carrier giveaway since the last day to enter (January 25, 2011) the contest is right around the corner!

Now, back to the Earthy Crunchy Mama Baby K'Tan Carrier Giveaway; you might be curious as to what an "Earthy Crunchy Mama" may be. Well, according to the host that is giving away this wonderful FREE baby stuff an Earthy, Crunchy Mama is an environmentally healthy person who displays a high level of social consciousness and does their best to build a strong bond with their babies for natural living in no doubt attachment parenting via high quality baby carriers and slings. Sounds like they have a good thing going on to me!

When I visited their store I found some very cool natural parenting and baby products like cloth diapers, some very nice nursing tops and baby carriers including the Baby K’tan™ Baby Carrier.

If you aren't familiar with the brand you should know that it is a (patent pending) cross between a sling carrier and a more structured front baby carrier. The unique thing about this product is that it offers the positions and benefits of both sling and highly structured front carriers with some added security features beyond what you can expect from a traditional sling. They also claim to provide a higher comfort level than your traditional carrier. And what new mother doesn't dig the concept of more comfort?

The last day to enter this blog giveaway contest (open to both residents of the USA and Canada) is Thursday, January 27th so hurry and get your name in the pot to win a Free K'tan Baby Carrier before the deadline!

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