Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kids Kindle Books for FREE

I'm going to tell you where you can get LOTS of kids' Kindle books for FREE! And no, I'm not talking about contests and giveaways right now and you may be as surprised as I was when you see where I'm going to tell you to where to find free Kindle books for kids.

I happened up on these downloads while looking for books to entertain the kis while we are doing some traveling during the upcoming holidays. Not wanting to deal with bored kids in the car or on the plane, my plans are to load up the Kindle reader with books to read along the way. Peace is worth a nominal fee and there is a small amount of the travel budget set aside for buying books but as we all know, FREE is always better. So, I was going to exhaust my resources for free downloads first and then take inventory to see what I might want to buy since we have a bookcase full of books at home.

Why am I getting books for the reader if I have a shelf already loaded with kids' storybooks? Because the family's luggage, a baby and two toddlers will most likely be all that mom and dad can handle without hauling a suitcase full of reading material. The reader is lightweight, easy to read and will hold more books than I could every carry.

Have you guessed where I found all these kids Kindle books for free? Well, if you guessed Amazon, you got it right! Why was I so surprised to find them there? Because I couldn't (and still can't, really) understand why a company who makes a living selling books would ever want to give them away.

But I found an amazing assortment of free books for a Kindle and quite a few for less than a dollar ($1) including but not limited to:

And many, many more that will most likely save my sanity this Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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