Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free Gift Cards and Freebies Galore

Talk about being OVERLOADED with Free Gift Cards and Freebies. I've never seen so many great low entry GIVEAWAYS going on at one time, in one location on this website. And we aren't talking $10 and $15 dollar prizes; the individual prizes have retail values of as much as $200 and a collective value of well over $500!

1. $100 GIFT CARD
2. $100 GIFT CARD
3. $50 GIFT Card
4. Boba Baby Carrier Giveaway
5. $59 Gift Basket
6. White Noise Machine
7. Sea Bands Anti Nausea Kit
8. Crane Humidifier

At the time of this post, they are are low entry (less than 100 each on even the big prizes!) which translates into excellent odds of winning free baby stuff as well as stuff for moms and dads.

Dads love electronics so why not try to win the white noise machine for him? If he snores, then it's a gift for mom, too. Another gadget that will come in handy during the upcoming cold and flu season would be the cool mist humidifier.

The Sea-bands prize package will be of interest to those suffering from nausea due to motion sickness, morning sickness or chemotherapy and who wouldn't enjoy a shopping spree with one of the $250 in free gift cards?

Winning a free Boba baby carrier would be cool but getting to buy whatever you want is hard to beat! Enjoy!

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