Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FREE Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump

Go HERE to enter for a chance to win a free Lansinoh Affinity breast pump AND you are suffering with the nursing mother's ailment of sore nipples, you will be happy to know that Lansinoh is there topical nipple cream, Lansinoh HPA Lanolin.

To enter the baby giveaway and get your chance to win the most essential breast-feeding stuff that you will need to get started you will need to leave a comment indicating which feature you like best about the Lansinoh Affinity™ breast pump. Once you have completed the requirements of the mandatory entry you can see which of the additional six ways to get extra entries into the giveaway. One of which is to post about the baby giveaway on your blog and link back to the official contest page and leave a comment with your post link. HERE'S my post about the FREE Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump giveaway if anybody's looking.

If you haven't already left, you need to get your entries in by Wednesday, March 9, 2011 (3/09/2011) at 11:59 pm EST.

Moms who have to go back to work after only a three month maternity leave HAVE to pump frequently in order to build up their inventory of breast milk. That's a lot of pumping for a breastfeeding mom working full time. To get the most from your efforts, you need a really good, easy to use efficient breast pump! Sometimes you have to try more than one to get just the right one! Some moms prefer Medela but here's your chance to acquaint yourself with the Lansinoh Affinity Breast Pump for FREE!

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