Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Go HERE to enter for a chance to win $300 in free baby bedding! All you have to do to enter this baby giveaway is confess that you have been jealous of someone else's nursery. This sounds just a little strange to me as I'm not a jealous-hearted person. If one of my friends has amazing baby nursery ideas, I might just ask her over for coffee and ask (read beg and plead) for her to help me come up with something spectacular for my baby's room but I wouldn't say that I was envious or jealous.

But...if I have to pretend that I was in order to qualify to win free nursery bedding in a giveaway...HEY! I'll play along and act like I'm the biggest green eyes monster of a mommy ever known to man!

The baby bedding that is a prize in this giveaway is the Maclaren Nursery Bedding Collection that was designed by David Netto. I'm a big fan of Maclaren strollers and from what I've seen Maclaren’s baby bedding is pretty cool, too. The colors are bright and cheerful and would I like to win $300 in FREE BABY BEDDING? You bet I would love to win a brand new set of baby bedding set ESPECIALLY a collection that is worth $300!

Oddly enough, although the post was made today in March, 2011, there is no mention of the last day to enter the baby giveaway. However, there are lots of envious moms already posting so you had better get a move on and leave your comment telling how you coveted your friend's baby's nursery.

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  1. I love what you did with Baby M's room! Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of space and am on a very limited budget. The one item I would like to splurge on is a crib. The problem is that I live in Hawaii and no one will ship, if they do, it increases the cost of the item by at least $100. I found the Babi Italia Scandi crib abd the Babymod Olivia crib online and thought that ToysRUs or Walmart could bring them in, but unfortunately they will not if it is not an item they regularly stock

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