Friday, February 4, 2011


HERE's another Ergo Baby giveaway contest that you can enter in case you missed the last Free Ergo Baby Carrier giveaway that I posted. The deadline to enter this blog giveaway contest is right after Valentine’s Day and what better way to show your baby that you love her (or him) than by using one of the best baby carriers ever to hold them close to your heart.

In reviews, Ergo gets very high ratings from moms who have tried dozens of carriers, slings, pouches and wraps. Sure, even the most hale and hearty mama's back is going to get tired from time to time and resort to using a baby stroller but in my book as long as the old back will hold out, I love wearing my babies and keeping them close to me PLUS as a busy mom I really appreciate that I can calm my colic-y baby and still get a little work done because a really good baby carrier leaves your hands free.

My youngest daughter has lots of allergies, skin problems and breathing problems from asthma and I have worn her the most simply to comfort her. It was amazing to see how quickly she relaxed in her baby carrier after being so uncomfortable in her bouncy seat or her crib!

And yes, I can always use a cute, new Ergo so I am glad to see another Ergo baby giveaway contest that I can enter and if I don't win one by spring, maybe I will buy a used Ergo Baby carrier if I can find one at the right price! I like to win free baby stuff when I can and if I need a product I can't win as a prize, I buy used and get a big discount on the usual retail price. Oh, and just so you know these Ergo carriers are not cheap. If you buy a new one you can expect to pay around $150 to $200 including shipping unless you can get free shipping of course!

This baby blog giveaway is open to US residents and ends on February 17, 2011 (2/17) at midnight EST so buzz on over there and log in as many entries as you can!

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