Friday, December 17, 2010

Win a FREE $1000 Amazon Gift Card

I opened a package awhile ago to find a flyer telling me how to win a FREE $1000 Amazon gift card! Go HERE for a visit and you not only get a chance to win this free gift card but you will also be eligible for entry into their drawings that are held daily for a $10 Cookies gift card.

The date of the drawing is December 31, 2011 and the winners are to be drawn from the active subscribers of their newsletter. I haven't seen any advertisements of this great giveaway contest anywhere else online, not in blogs or on any contest listing site. I guess I should be glad that I ordered so many of my kids' Christmas gifts from Amazon or I would have missed this opportunity to enter for a chance to win a free $1000 Amazon gift card and you might not have known about it either! Things just have a way of working out sometimes. Could we take this as an omen that I or you might just get lucky and win? Let's go there and give it a shot; what do you say?

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