Thursday, December 2, 2010


Go HERE to enter for a chance to win FREE BABY SHOES for a year! AND...these are not just ANY baby shoes, the prize in (or should I say PRIZES, PLURAL) in this giveaway contest is 12 pairs of my favorite shoes ever, PEDIPED BABY SHOES!

If you think that the contest has a pretty impressive 1st prize, the second prize is nothing to sneeze at either! There will be 25 runner up winners who will each win one pair of Pedipeds of their choice.

The first place winner will get 12 pairs of free baby shoes, 1 per month for 12 consecutive months for a solid year!

Hurry and enter this giveaway for a chance to win some Pedipeds that will keep your baby's little toes covered from infant to toddler! Good luck everybody!

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