Friday, November 5, 2010


Go HERE to enter for a chance to win FREE removable wall decals that include some of the most inspiring words you will ever see on a bathroom wall! BATHTIME, Bubbles, Steam, Serenity may become your mantra while meditating in the tub when you see how lovely the large sticker looks on the wall.

I find it calming to glance up and read one of my favorite sayings or motivational quotes while cleaning, changing diapers or (please, help me) or dusting. Just the sight of a few special words tend to give my day meaning and purpose. My baby's name spelled out using nursery wall decals, an uplifting inspirational phrase or a Bible verse that reminds me that God is in charge of all things has the power to not only make my home look stylish but to change my mood for the better.

In my opinion there is no easier way to personalize your space and bring a plain painted wall to life. And speaking of paint; don't worry these are not ordinary stickers that will cause damage. These removable wall decals are adhesive vinyl that you apply to your walls that are as easy to remove as they were easy to apply.

My obsession with decorating removable wall stickers began when I was decorating a nursery for my second baby. It seemed as if the selection of custom stickers had exploded during the time between baby number one and baby number two! I had never seen so many decals in cute colors and designs for kids' rooms! After they had my attention, I realized it wasn't just a kid thing; there were stickers for all the rooms in the house.

It's tempting to go overboard because there are so many cool, removable wall decals that I wanted but I used restraint and bought just a few for the nursery removable wall decals, a verse of thanks for the dining room (that the family really admired last Thanksgiving) and one in my kitchen.

If you haven't explored decorating your home with wall stickers, you should really enter this blog giveaway contest to see if you are lucky enough to win one that will get you started!


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