Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FREE Abiie G2G BabyDeck Stroller

Go HERE to enter for a chance to win the FREE Abiie G2G BabyDeck Stroller giveaway contest! The beauty of this baby stroller is that it makes it very easy to change your baby's diaper, anytime, anywhere! If you're a germ hating mama (and who isn't?) you are going to love the antibacterial diaper changing platform of the G2G BabyDeck!

If you own this cool stroller, you can not only get a little more room in the old diaper bag by chunking the changing pad but there will be no more panicked searches for a clean public restroom where you can change the baby’s diaper! You are basically strolling in your own little convenient, safe, and sanitary diaper changing facility!

This is just one of the stroller's very attractive features. Both tall and petite (read: short) parents will appreciate the height-adjustable handlebar, the large under storage basket and handy pouches as well as the child tray that swings out of the way for easy seating. And reviews are coming in that say the G2G BabyDeck maneuvers well under a variety of circumstances! and it's a reasonably lightweight stroller at only 18 lbs. making it easy to pop in and out of the family car.

The last day to enter the contest for a chance to win the free Abiie G2G BabyDeck Stroller is October 22, 2010. So buzz on over and enter by signing up to get their newsletter before the deadline!

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