Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Win Money Online FREE

Everywhere you look there seems to be a bogus blog giveaway contest saying you can win money online FREE but it's nothing more than a spammy ad! Well, I am happy to say that you can go HERE and really REALLY find a legitimate blog contest and have a chance to win $100 Visa gift card which is as good as winning cash, right?

All you have to do is leave a comment telling the little things that you do to start each day in a positive way. For instance, do you serve something special for your children to eat, tuck a little snack inside their lunchboxes or just tickle your baby's toes?

If you do something particularly heartwarming and inspiring the comment that you leave on the giveaway might just win you a $100 Visa gift card that you can spend however you choose! Hey, I know it's not the usual kind of giveaway that, we, at Free Baby Stuff resources usually features but you can certainly use the hundred dollars to buy stuff for your baby!

This contest ends September 27 at 5pm (PST) so if you want to win money online free in this blog giveaway you should both on over there quickly! Oh, and you can also increase your chances of winning by visiting the BlogHer Kellogg exclusive offers page and leaving a comment there as well as on the blog contest. And don't forget to leave your email so that day can get in contact with you if you win the prize for having the best suggestion on how families can kick off their day. There is a limit off no more than two (2) entries per person that would include the time that you leave your comment and a second time when you tweet it and comment your tweet link.

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