Monday, April 12, 2010


Go to TEAM MARTIN OK to enter to win a free personalized diaper bag! The blogging mom suggests that the giveaway prize is a shopping tote but you say to-may-toe and I say tow-mah-toe...right? When you've got as many babies underfoot as I do, everything looks like a diaper bag.

And what lovely personalized diaper tote bag this will be should I be so lucky as to win the contest! The bags are polypropylene and are just big enough to carry a mommy's personal stuff like a lipstick, a comb, car keys and a cell phone plus baby's necessities for a short hop to the store.

Since the personalized diaper bags are water resistant you could also use them as beach bags. And they are so cute in pink zebra, modern geometric prints and my personal favorite, the black and white damask print.

The winner of the contest gets to choose the design of their choice AND to have it personalized with their favorite team or mascot (Rebels, Bulldogs or whatever), their monogram or even their baby's name!

The deadline to enter to win the free personalized diaper bag in this giveaway is midnight on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 so do buzz on over and enter to win now before you have to stand in line at the postal service to mail your tax return!

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  1. customized diaper bags are a great personalized gift gift idea! Very cute and original!