Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Beech-nut Baby Food Coupons

Fill out the form to get two free Beech-nut starter kits and get free Beech-nut baby food coupons as well as the inevitable free monthly newsletter. The form is really short and which is very nice as many companies can wear you out digging for information trying to get a clue as to what their target demographic is searching for in a baby food.

Another great thing about this offer is that sometimes there is no expiration date on your free Beech-nut baby food coupons which keeps you from having to stock up a lot of cereal and jars of food that you don't need at the moment just to beat the deadline.

And before you leave the website, you will want to check out the other opportunity to get some free baby food coupons. This one is for a free Beech-nut Next Steps Kit that moms with older babies will want to get or you can go ahead and fill out the form and have it on hand for when your baby is a little older. And there is the same mention of Free Beech-nut baby food coupons with this offer!

Don't you just love it when free baby stuff falls in your lap?

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